Wild video captures moment brawl erupts on Spirit flight to Puerto Rico

A passenger aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from New Jersey to Puerto Rico captured a wild brawl that erupted when the plane landed in San Juan, where a woman who reportedly refused to wear a mask was tasered by cops.

The woman — identified as Nyasy Veronique Payne — “provoked an incident by acting in what witnesses called an aggressive, hostile, & defiant behavior,” Puerto Rico police said, according to CBS reporter and passenger David Begnaud.

The mayhem erupted about 7 p.m. Sunday at the Luis Munoz Marin Airport, where the woman allegedly struck 28-year-old Javier Lopez Cruz, Begnaud said on Twitter.

Another passenger recorded the melee in which the woman, who is wearing a mask around her chin, is seen yelling at a man in a white T-shirt.

“Stop! Stop! Calm down!” someone is heard shouting during the free-for-all as the woman tries to attack the man before she is zapped.

In a series of tweets, Begnaud said he spoke to a passenger named Alfredo, who told him the aggressor had been punched before she went on the offensive.

“Alfredo says during the flight, a young man was moving about the plane, switching seats and not wearing a mask. Flight attendants, according to Alfredo, instructed the man to stop switching seats & to wear his mask,” he wrote.


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