Villagers now hope to raise £150,000 to buy beloved bluebell woods

Villagers who halted the construction of a caravan site on a beloved bluebell wood now hope to raise £150,000 to buy the 31-acre site and ‘preserve it for future generations’

  • Residents from Gwent in South Wales have so far raised £4,340 on GoFundMe
  • Workmen began tearing into the bluebell woods in August to build a caravan site
  • People in the village are ‘worried’ about what will happen to the woods 

After winning a fight to stop the destruction of their beloved bluebell woods, a group of villagers in South Wales are now hoping to raise £150,000 to buy the land. 

In August, outraged residents from Gwent were forced to watch the ‘shocking destruction’ of their bluebell woods as workmen started tearing into the land to build a caravan site. 

An investigation found the landowner wanted the woods for five touring caravans but had not applied for planning permission.

Protestors won the fight to stop the excavation works in Llanbradach, near Caerphilly in South Wales, and now want to buy the site themselves in order to safeguard its future.

The Bluebell Wood Preservation in Llanbradach, near Caerphilly in South Wales

Outraged Gwent residents saw their beloved bluebell woods torn into by workmen who were trying to make way for a caravan site 

The 31-acres land is being put up for auction and neighbours are hoping to raise £150,000 to buy it.

Llanbradach councillor Colin Mann, of Plaid Cymru, said: ‘People in the village are worried about what will happen in the future to our wonderful Bluebell Woods and fields.’

He said the fundraiser was started ‘to ensure the land is preserved for future generations.’

Mr Mann also added: ‘The money needed is a huge amount but if we can reach the target we can buy the land for the community.

‘Any donations, however small, to help us reach our goal would be really appreciated.

The Gwent residents are now hoping to raise £150,000 to buy the land themselves in order to preserve it ‘for future generations’

Members of the Gwent community protesting to try and protect their woodlands after it was found that the landowner destroying the woods for the caravan site had not applied for planning permission

‘The village remains concerned about promises to restore the land. It should have been completed by now but we are still waiting.’

So far £4,340 has been raised on the Llanbradach’s Bluebell Wood Preservation GoFundMe page.

Protesters have hailed the campaign as a success following the plans to restore the land.

Bluebells are protected in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Beci Newton, who was one of the leaders of that protest, welcomed the work being stopped last year.

She said: ‘Five generations of our family have enjoyed the annual bloom of the bluebells that reach down from the ancient woodland to the bottom of the field.

‘Families come here to picnic, walk dogs, take photos and remember times gone by.

‘Many have scattered the ashes of family here because it’s a place that hold so many memories.’

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