US Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian boats in Persian Gulf

A US Navy ship fired off warning shots toward a trio of Iranian military boats that came too close to American vessels in the Persian Gulf on Monday, authorities said.

The three speed boats operated by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy moved within 68 yards of the USS Firebolt and the US Coast Guard vessel Baranoff, the US Navy said on Tuesday.

At first, the Navy said, US crews sent multiple radio warnings to the Iranian boats, but they continued to move closer.

“The crew of Firebolt then fired warning shots, and the [Revolutionary Guard] vessels moved away to a safe distance from the US vessels,” the US Fifth Fleet said in a statement.

Monday marked the second time this month a US ship had to issue warnings to Iranian forces in the Pesian Gulf.

On April 2, Four Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessels in the Persian Gulf came close to two US Coast Guard patrol ships.

One of the Iranian ships, a large Harth 55 catamaran, sharply cut in front of a US vessel before veering away to avoid a collision.

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