Tulsa shooting in Oklahoma news – St Francis hospital terrorized by rifle-wielding gunman and 'cops probe bomb threat'

ON Wednesday afternoon inside a medical building in Tulsa, Oklahoma, multiple people were shot and five people, including the shooter, were killed, according to Tulsa police.

Captain Richard Meulenberg of the Tulsa Police Department said that the assailant, who was armed with a rifle, was dead.

He said he wasn't sure if the police shot him or if he shot himself.

The shooting had reportedly stopped, and officials were investigating the building "floor by floor, room by room."

The Tulsa Police Department announced on Twitter that a reunion location for families had been established at Memorial High School.

The massacre occurred just eight days after a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, murdered 19 pupils and two instructors, and 18 days after a shooter killed 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

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  • Amanda Castro

    Mayor GT Bynum's response

    Per New York Times, Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum was asked for his thoughts on Tulsa entering the list of American towns where mass shootings had occurred.

    He said: "Right now my thoughts are with the victims in here, many of whose families don’t know even know about this yet.

    "If we want to have a policy discussion, that is something to be had in the future, but not tonight, not tonight"

  • Amanda Castro

    Four killed along with gunman in Tulsa

    According to authorities, four people were shot and killed at a medical facility on the grounds of St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Wednesday.

    The shooter, according to Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish, is also dead. He stated, "We believe that is self-inflicted," per CNN.

    The identity of the gunman has yet to be ascertained, according to police.

  • Amanda Castro

    Biden briefed on Tulsa shooting

    President Biden has been briefed on the incident in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to a White House official.

    The White House is keeping a close eye on the issue and has offered assistance to state and local officials.

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