TikToker shares Target hack for students, teachers and military workers to save even more money

A TikToker shared a Target hack for students, teachers and military workers to save them even more money.

The tip takes just seconds – and had people singing thanks as they said it saved them cash instantly.

The tip was shared by user @lovemecoupons on TikTok.

They explained to "go on to your Target app and scroll down to 'help center.'"

A person can then type in the word "student," "teacher," or "military."

The TikToker explained: "It will give you a whole page to read on how to verify yourself based on those three options."

"Once you verify yourself you're going to get exclusive deals on your Target circle," they added.

Deals can be used both in-store and online, @lovemecoupons explained.

Those eligible for the discounts include K-12 teachers, educators at universities, daycare and early learning center workers and homeschool teachers; college students who are enrolled in classes; and current and former military workers – along with a dependent or family member, the app says.

According to the TikToker, the discounts are available during certain times – like during the summer for college dorm items.

Users were singing instant praises – as many said it saved them money instantly.

"I got 15% off right away," one user commented.

Another said: "Got my 15% off for being a student, thank you."

"literally just saw this uploaded my documents and was verified in like 2 minutes. thank you" one person said.

The discounts can also be layered with other certain promotions, TikTokers said.

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