Teen tells of horrifying moment driver ploughs into crowds at memorial event leaving spectators trapped and 5 injured

A TEENAGER has told of the horrifying moment a driver ploughed into a huge crowd at a memorial event.

Five people were rushed to hospital and spectators were trapped as emergency services, including the air ambulance, scrambled to the scene in Lincoln last night.

The crash happened at a car meet being held in tribute to dad-of-two Damian Buckle, 36, who had been killed in a crash in Lincoln eight days earlier.

In the horrifying clip, a car can be seen speeding past a crowd of 300 before whacking a parked car and spinning off to the side of the road.

Spectators dived for cover as the vehicles flew "inches" above their heads before landing on three bystanders – leaving a driver fighting for life and spectators with broken legs.

Teenager Billy Roberts who been standing in the crowd said: “I am lucky to have escaped with my life. I was stood right next to two friends who were critically injured and were airlifted to hospital.”

The teen's new £3,000 Giant bicycle was crushed by flying debris.

The male driver of a grey Vauxhall Vectra which hit a black Citroen C2 is fighting for life following last night’s smash.

Witnesses claimed the Vectra was speeding, and hit the Citroen as it was slowly turning left from a junction.

Reliving the horror, Billy told The Sun Online: “I’d gone along on my pushbike to watch drivers showing off their cars. There must have been 300 spectators. It was packed.

“It was dark and just after 10pm and a black Citroen was pulling out of a road on the industrial estate and turning left into the main road where all the people were gathered.

“The driver couldn’t see because of the crowds and suddenly a grey Vectra came along from the right and bang they crashed. The Vectra has tried to swerve but clipped the front end of the Citroen.

“There were hits flying off the cars and one ended up in a ditch on the other side of the road trapping spectators underneath. It was terrible.

“I’m shaken up just remembering it. I’d been standing next to two people, my mates, who were seriously injured. There was just my bike between us.

“I got hit on the back of the legs by debris but not badly and the frame on my bike got mangled. It’s wrecked and can’t be ridden.

“But it could have been so much worse for me. I was lucky I wasn’t hurt or killed, I was just inches away.

“Sparks were flying and there were bits and pieces every where. It’s a well know race spot, cars go up to 100 mph but it got out of hand.”


Billy, who lives nearby, returned to the scene today to see the aftermath. He said: “After the crash I'd gone home. I was in shock.”

He told how his two friends were airlifted to Nottingham’s Medical Centre.

Billy said: “I feel so bad for them. We’d gone for a bit of fun and they’re both seriously injured.

"One of their grans texted me this morning to say that he has two broken legs, a badly broken shoulder and fractured thigh and needs an operation. The other is in intensive care with broken pelvis and a broken arm.

“They had both been stood right next to me. My friend was dragged under the car. It’s horrible to think about.”

Another spectator who knows the Vectra driver said: “He’s a close pal. He injured his hand and went to hospital but is home now.

“He’s very lucky. It could have been so much worse for him.

“We’d all been screaming at the Citroen driver not to turn onto the road because he couldn’t see though all the people. The next thing there was a massive wheel spin and almighty crash.

“The Citroen driver was worse off. He has to be cut out of the car and is fighting for his life. I don’t know him but everyone’s hoping he pulls through.”


Fire crews and paramedics were called to Lincoln on Saturday night at 10.16pm, to what cops described as a "very resource-intensive incident."

The two cars were travelling at high speeds and ploughed into spectators – before leaving the road and ending up in a ditch.

The drivers of both cars, as well as three pedestrians, were injured and taken to hospital.

One pedestrian remains in critical condition, while the other four have suffered serious injuries, police confirmed.

Hundreds of people, some in high powered cars, gathered to mourn Damian Buckle on Saturday night on the outskirts of Lincoln.

Dad of two Damian,36, died last week after his motorbike was in a smash with a van on the A46, near the village of Market Rasen.

Friends and relatives gathered from 7.45pm near a business park just off the A46 on Whisby Road, Lincoln, to remember him and fireworks were set off.

Eyewitness Shakira Hensby described how she was clipped in the face by a wing mirror.

She posted: "What a night tonight has been, leaving the majority of people shook up and hurt in some way.

"It all happened so slow – but so fast. I'll probably have a nice bruise on my face from getting hit with a wing mirror – but I'd rather that than anything else.

"My thoughts go out to everyone involved. Maybe people will learn to stop driving like absolute idiots as sadly this is the outcome."

Police said that there is still a large officer presence at the scene while they conduct initial investigations this morning.

Whisby Road will be closed until further notice, they said.

Police confirmed this morning: "Four people are in a serious condition and another considered critical following a collision which involved two cars and pedestrians at a car meet in Lincoln.

"Police were called to the incident in Whisby Road at 10.16pm last night (21 August) after two vehicles collided with spectators before leaving the road and ending up in ditches.

"The vehicles involved are believed to have been travelling at high speed at the time of the collisions.

"We are now appealing for anyone who was there and has recorded their own footage but not yet been spoken to or provided it to police, to come forward.

"Police, EMAS, fire crews, the air ambulance, and the Coast Guard helicopter all attended.

"The drivers of both cars and three pedestrians injured in the incident were taken to hospital, and one pedestrian remains in a critical condition."

Detective Superintendent Peter Grayson, said: “This is a very serious collision with profound physical consequences for those injured.

"The event had a large crowd, and we would like to speak to anyone who has not yet been spoken to as part of our investigations.

"We would also like to hear from anyone who was in the area that evening, and witnessed the incident, the gathering, or has dashcam or mobile phone footage of the incident itself.

“We have been on scene since just after 10.15pm last night, and will remain in the area during today as we carry out our initial enquiries.”

An air ambulance had also been called to the scene in Lincoln.

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