Teen Satanist Danyal Hussein looked at dead body pics & put on anti-terror plan before murdering sisters in demon pact

A TEENAGE Satanist who murdered two sisters had previously been referred to an anti-terror programme after being caught viewing dead bodies on his school computer.

Evil Danyal Hussein, 19, viewed the vile images three years before he randomly stabbed Bibba Henry, 46, and her 27-year-old step-sister Nichole Smallman to death, it can now be revealed.

Student Hussein was referred to the Home Office Prevent scheme by teachers over concerns he was vulnerable to jihadist radicalisation.

No hint of Islamic extremism was found though police later found evidence of far right-wing activity on Hussein’s computers following his arrest for the murders of Bibaa and Nicole.

The student was yesterday convicted at the Old Bailey of their murders following a four-week trial in which he caused disgust with his “despicable” behaviour.

Hussein carried out the frenzied attack on Bibaa and Nicole in June last year as part of a bizarre pact he made with the devil.

He pledged to kill six women in six months in return for winning a £321 million lottery jackpot – and signed a contract in his own blood.

The detective in charge of the case said Hussein would have continued his killing spree if he had not injured his hand in the frenzied attack on the two sisters at Fryent Country Park, Wembley, North London.

It came after the women celebrated Bibaa’s 46th birthday with friends in an open air lockdown party and remained behind to take selfies, dance with fairy lights and listen to music.


Detective Chief Inspector Simon Harding, said: "This has been a shocking case that will stay with all of us for many years to come.

“Not least the awful way in which these two vibrant women met their deaths as they celebrated Bibaa's birthday.

“But also Hussein's bizarre deluded fantasies that he should sacrifice the women in exchange for a lottery win.

"I strongly believe that he would have gone on to kill more women if he hadn't injured his hand in such a way that he did when he killed Bibaa and Nicole.

"It's very difficult for my team still to this day to comprehend that this 18-year-old boy, as he was at the time, could have carried out such savage attacks."

Hussein caused outrage in court by trying to catch the attention of his victims' family, making L-shaped loser signs to a paramedic witness and turning his back on the judge.

DCI Harding said : “He showed disrespect for everything, for the families, support systems, the process, police, paramedics, everybody – and the jury."

Bibba and Nicole were the daughters of retired Anglican priest Mina Smallman, the Church of England’s first female archdeacon from a BAME background.

It remains unclear if there was any racist motive to the murders of senior social worker Bibba and Nicole, a keen photographer who worked in the hospitality sector.

DCI Harding said he could "never rule out" a racist motive for the murders of the sisters because of Hussein's right-wing activity.

Hussein had frequently accessed the dark web but concealed his use with encrypted passwords on his laptop and iPad which he refused to give to police.

Police said their inquiries into Hussein were hampered by Apple, who refused to give them passwords.

DCI Harding said: “I personally find it strange that you wouldn't help in those certain situations.

“The reason you want to get in there is to understand if there are other people with a similar mindset that he's talking to…

“It's incredibly frustrating to run a murder inquiry when your hands are tied behind your back in that way."

After initially co-operating following their son’s arrest, Hussein’s parents declined to assist police any further.


DCI Harding said of Hussein’s twisted mindset: “It's very strange, it's almost sort of movie-like.

"He's quite a frightening character at 18 years old.

“We haven't managed to get into the deepest, darkest parts of his thought, which we think will be hidden in his computer somewhere.”

The detective said the few online conversations recovered from Hussein showed "some limited evidence of far-right thoughts," but were mostly about satanic "love spells and potions.”

Hussein had composed spells to increase his virility and make him attractive to girls.

There was also a pledge to a demon in which Hussein offered blood to get a schoolgirl to take a sexual interest in him.

Hussein was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder while at Thomas Tallis School, in Greenwich, South East London, where he was the class clown.

A fellow pupil said: “He was very mischievous in class. He was like the class clown.

“He would mess around and shout things out in class. He was never that serious.

“He got in a lot of trouble but I never thought he was capable of stuff like this.”

Hussein was 15 when he was reported by teachers to the Prevent anti-terror programme in October 2017 after accessing images of corpses.

He was referred on to the Channel panel process, part of the Prevent strategy, and a mentor was appointed to deal with him.

Hussein was discharged from the Channel process in May 2018 with "no outstanding concerns at that time with respect to violent extremism or terrorism."

Afterwards, Hussein continued to receive support and Prevent officials carried out two further reviews of Hussein over the next year.

However, "nothing of concern was identified to prompt any further intervention,” said DCI Harding.

Hussein came from an Iraqi Kurdish background and was the eldest of four children by his divorced parents.

He lived with his mum Enas in Eltham, South East London, but was staying with computer programmer dad Kamal in Kingsbury, North West London, when he murdered Bibba and Nicole.

Hussein armed himself with knives, shovels and wore a mask and surgical gloves before entering the park with a rucksack on his back at around 8.40pm on Friday June 5.

He is thought to have kept watch on the sisters after they remained behind alone on a hilltop before striking as they took photos of themselves.

The last selfie was taken at 1.13am when both women appear to look to their left as if suddenly distracted.

Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow, QC, said the attack on the sisters was "as savage as it was devastating."

Bibaa was stabbed eight times with no marks to her arms and hands suggesting she did not have time to defend herself.

Nicole was stabbed 28 times and sustained cuts to her hands, arms and legs as she tried to fight back.

Hussein cut his hand on the knife during the attack and left his blood around the picnic site and an area in a line of trees 75 yards away where he dragged the bodies.

His DNA was also found on the bodies and a knife found at the scene, as well as picnic items discovered at a council tip after they had been cleared away by a well-meaning local.

Hussein arrived back at his home at around 4.20am and woke his father to be let in. He had stripped off his trousers and jacket which were never found.

He claimed his hand was cut after being robbed and attended hospital for treatment at 6.45 that evening.

Meanwhile, Nicole’s boyfriend Adam Stone reported her and Bibaa missing to police at 9pm after going to their homes and getting no reply.

But police failed to launch a search and Adam and his parents went to the park on Sunday lunchtime where they met another concerned friend, Nina Esmet.

Nina found a pair of prescription sunglasses that she recognised as belonging to Bibaa and rang police for advice.

She was told to take the glasses to a local police station, though none in the area were open.

Adam’s father then found a kitchen knife lying on the ground and his son called 999.

He was on the phone to the operator when he forced his way through bushes, discovered the body of his girlfriend intertwined with her sister and screamed in horror.

Hussein’s DNA did not flag up on police systems but familial searches produced a match for his father, who had previously been arrested for an unconnected matter.

Cops arrested Hussein at his mother’s home in Eltham on July 1 and discovered the hand-written demon contract accompanied by three lottery tickets.

Anti-terrorist cops were involved in the investigation because of Hussein’s previous Prevent referral.

But the murders were not deemed to be terror-related.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct is investigating police search failures.

Two PC’s who guarded the site scene have been charged with misconduct in public office for allegedly taking selfies of themselves with the bodies of Bibaa and Nicole.

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