Teen, 19, is now mom to two sets of twins born 21 months apart despite being on birth control

A TEEN, 19, is now a mom to TWO sets of twins born just 21 months apart – despite being on birth control.

Maggie Rojas is now a mom to four kids, with her high school sweetheart Kenrrik.

In March 2019, the duo welcomed their first set of twins – Lola and Kenny.

Maggie, who is from Texas, said she was surprised to find out she was pregnant five months into dating now-husband Kenrrik at the age of 17.

She had been on the birth control pill, so was certain she wasn't pregnant, she said.

According to the CDC, when used correctly – and taken at the same time every day – birth control pills are around 93percent effective.

This means there's just a 7percent chance of pregnancy.

"I wasn't late for my period but when I got sick my best friend told me I should get a test, and I only did it to prove her wrong!" she told South West News Service (SWNS).

She was three months along, and took the test at a Wendy's bathroom when she got the positive result.

"I was so young so I was very scared, and I thought I just had ONE baby at that time!" she said.

In May, however, she found out she was expecting not one baby – but two.

Her water broke at 34 weeks, and she welcomed her duo.

Maggie said it "was one of the most terrifying moments of my life" as Lola and Kenny Jr were in the NICU.

"It was very hard watching them with wires in them," she told SWNS.

"My son was born with a hole in his lung so we had to wait for that to heal on its own, and after that I didn't even know how to hold a baby that small!"

Maggie and Kenrrik tied the knot in August 2019 – and then began to try for another baby.

Although women in Maggie's family have a genetic condition which makes it difficult for them to have kids, she found out she luckily does not have it.

A year after their first set of twins was born, the couple tried to get pregnant again.

Just a month later, the couple were surprised to find that Maggie was pregnant again – with another set of twins.

Maggie told SWNS she was pleasantly surprised to find out she found out she was pregnant with twins the second time but she was "scared."

"The thought of another two seemed very difficult."

"It's constantly messy here now, no matter how much I clean! Always busy and loud and not a moment of quiet, also major lack of sleep.

Maggie gave birth to Jewel and Krystal on December 16, 2020,just 21 months after the duo welcomed their first bundles of joy.

The family of six currently lives in a one-bedroom apartment – but will soon be moving to a bigger house in East Texas.

Although she said it was "emotionally hard" having kids at a young age, Maggie said she loves being a mom and has big plans for the future.

"I absolutely love my kids and being a mum- I wouldn't change a thing," she told SWNS.

"I hope to go back to school and pursue a career when all four start school in several years."

Maggie now helps other moms with her social media accounts – a Facebook group and a TikTok account @doubletwinmama.

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