Summer is over! Temperatures are set to plummet after autumn equinox

Summer is over! Temperatures are set to plummet as today’s autumn equinox sees wind and rain sweep in from the West – before FROST hits the parts of UK by the weekend

  • Today is the last day of Indian Summer’s sunshine in Britain before wind and rain move in across the country 
  • Temperatures are expected to reach up to 73F in London and Peterborough today before dropping overnight 
  • Homes in the North could wake up to frost by the weekend as widespread showers are predicted countrywide 

Summer is officially over as temperatures are expected to plummet after today’s autumn equinox – with wind and rain set to sweep in from the West and frost arriving in the North.  

The arrival of today’s equinox will mark the end of Britain’s Indian Summer, that has seen the country basking in unseasonable temperatures for more than a week.

The warm weather is expected to end today, with temperatures reaching highs of 78F (26C) in East Anglia, and 23C in London.

Forecasters have warned there are ‘big changes’ incoming as the UK leaves summer behind – with temperatures expected to fall to 59F (15C) in London by Thursday.

Autumn officially begins today, with the equinox bringing gathers to Glastonbury Tor to see the sun rise – night and day will last for the same amount of time today

Glastonbury Tor in Somerset saw a spectacular sunrise this morning, on the last day of an Indian Summer that has seen Brits basking in warm temperatures for more than a week

Wind and rain is predicted to move across Scotland and Northern Ireland today, moving toward the south east tonight. 

Met Office spokesman Oli Clayden said the service was not expecting to issue any weather warnings, but winds could reach speeds of up to 50mph on the South coast. 

Things could brighten up by Wednesday evening, but temperatures will remain cool. 

The Met Office’s forecast heading into the weekend reads: ‘Windy with showers or longer spells of rain for many Thursday, some heavy. Becoming drier and les windy into the weekend. Much colder with some overnight frost in the north.’ 

The weather was overcast and misty in Plymouth this morning as a band of wet weather moves in from the West, ending Britain’s Indian Summer

There was a mist over fields in Cheshire this morning as Britain marked the first day of Autumn with bright, before wind and rain start to move in 

In Gravesend, Kent, and other parts of the south east, temperatures are expected to remain high today, but they will quickly drop as the working week progresses

Temperatures could reach around freezing point on Sunday morning, as frost arrives in rural parts of North England and Scotland.

A band of rain could bring up to 20mm of rainfall in 12 hours in parts of the south east and north east.

Mr Clayden said: ‘Generally conditions are turning unsettled through the rest of the working week, settling down by the weekend. 

‘At the moment we’ve got a band of rain that’s coming in from the north west, elsewhere in the south east there are bright conditions with the last of the warmth reaching highs of up to 26C in East Anglia.’

People gathered at Glastonbury Tor to witness the sunrise on the Autumn Equinox – an annual event that occurs when the sun is exactly above the Earth’s equator, meaning night and day are of equal length.

Yesterday Yeovilton in Somerset enjoyed the highest temperature in the country, as locals basked in 79F heat.

Leconfield in Yorkshire enjoyed 11 hours of sunshine, while temperatures reached close to freezing in Ravensworth, with the lowest reading at 33F.  

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