Stunning photos of lightning strikes, magical skies and mountains among the winners of Epson International Pano Awards

BREATHTAKING photos of lightning strikes, magical skies and mountains are among the impressive collection of images selected as winners at the 2020 Epson International Pano Awards.

The eleventh edition of the awards was to celebrate the best in panoramic photography.

Other photos include a stunning shot of a rainbow in the sky and a remarkable picture of a skyline in a metropolitan city.

Organisers of the award say it is "the world's largest competition dedicated to the genre".

The winning photographers are showcased in over 100 publications across the world and also rewarded with a pool prize value of $40,000.

This year's overall winner is Matt Jackish who walks away with a $10,000 cash prize.

Here are some of the best pictures featured in this year's awards.

A total of 96 countries were represented in this year's awards with 2,687 open entries.

There were also up to 3,060 amateur entries and 1,452 photographers.

Images with high scores in this year's competition will be featured in an exhibition which will be held in Sydney, Australia.

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