Student goes viral after revealing rundown home owned by 'cowboy' landlord

A STUDENT has gone viral after giving a hilarious tour of her rundown university home owned by a "cowboy" landlord.

Ami McGivney, 21, forks out £115 a week to live in the dingy property in Worcester – that doesn't even have a number on the front door.

The University of Worcester student showcased the hilarious shortfalls of the home she shares with four pals in a TikTok video, much to the amusement of social media users.

The giggling group begin the video by sarcastically introducing the"things in our uni house which just make sense".

Amongst the issues in their decrepit uni digs, the students have been living with a leaky light bulb, a tiny shower and a construction site in their garden.

They shared the footage of their home's unique features that left internet users in undoubted agreement the place desperately needs some TLC.

While amusingly demonstrating the issues, Ami and her palRachel Cartwright head around the home and narrate their findings.

Beginning with "the scruffy door with no number on," they swiftly move on to their other outside issues – including a wheelie bin with no lid and the construction site in their front garden.

If that wasn't enough to scare you off the student house, the interior of their home is even more miserable.

Ami posed in front of a bare lightbulb dangling in the hallway and stifled laughter while describing it as "leaky".

And the fridge for the hungry students to store their food in is bizarrely located in their LIVING ROOM – where they also have to hang their washing.

Upstairs, the rib-tickling tour continues with the girls showing off their "spacious bedrooms" – that they can only just stand up in.

They then approach a battered-looking door, that doesn't even have a HANDLE, before showing users a disjointed skirting board.

As well as boasting other entertaining features including a "fire extinguisher door stop" and a bedroom window with frosted glass, the most comical feature is the tiny shower the tenants have to cram themselves into.

Ami is seen awkwardly inserting herself between the folded doors but barely has room to move her arms once she has climbed in.

Between cackles, the girls explain the shower is "like a tube" for them to clean themselves in.


TikTok users were left in stitches at the video – but not everyone saw the funny side of the home's imperfections.

Some furiously even branded the landlord a "cowboy" and demanded the girls get the owner in to fix the dodgy DIY.

One wrote: "Hilarious. But I can't believe landlords allow students to live like this. Same when I was at uni."

Another added: "I would seriously get Environmental Health on to this. If only for the leaky light bulb."

"I wouldn't of moved in," one unimpressed user commented.

But others applauded the students' lighthearted video, saying: "The giggles make this 10x better."

Another chimed in: "University… ahhhhh those were the days!"

Ami told the Daily Mail: "We just thought all students go through this and move into a university home that's always a bit run down.

We just thought all students go through this and move into a university home that's always a bit run down.

"It was just light-hearted humour to make the best out of a bad situation.

"We actually have a really good landlord, he fixed all the problems as soon as we informed him.

"We pay £115 per week including bills so it's really good for where we're based," she explained.

The 21-year-old revealed she was more surprised by her video going viral than the problematic property she lives in.

"We were shocked at how many people it reached. We just thought it would reach our friends and family. 

"It made us feel a bit better about our home, it's nice to know other students related to it and that we hadn't been given a raw deal."

Pal Rachel added: "Ami and I have been friends for ten years and have always made videos together. 

"We thought only our friends would see it, it's crazy how big it went."

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