Sir David Amess loved representing Southend and was proud of his constituents

I WAS selected as candidate for Brentwood and Ongar in 1991 and David was the first local MP to offer assistance.

There was nothing in it for him, he just wanted to help.

He loved representing Southend.

Proud of his constituents, he would represent them to the fullest of his ability.

Sir David understood Westminster. He was a very canny operator.

If you received a letter or question from David you paid close attention.

New advice, following this tragedy, will go out to MPs from the police and Parliamentary officials.

But ultimately the role of an MP is about connecting with people. That cannot be done through the grille of security.

I last saw David at the Party Conference. He had an idea.

I suggested meeting up. Alas, the meeting will not take place.

I am so grateful that my last memory of David was a man in his prime, full of enthusiasm.

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