Prince Andrew’s paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein ‘flew girls from UK on private jet to be abused in US with help of Brit woman’ – The Sun

PRINCE Andrew’s paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein flew girls from the UK on a private jet to be abused in the US, it is claimed.

The sick sex fiend flew “at least two” girls across the Atlantic with the help of “co-conspirator” Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein accuser Maria Farmer alleges.

Ms Farmer previously claimed she was abused by the disgraced businessman when she was a 26-year-old aspiring model in 1996.

Her latest accusation is the first to allege Epstein used his network of enablers to target girls in Britain.

She told the Mirror: “She procured girls from England – at least two – you can tell by the flight logs. She was a creeper.

“[She] was kept by Jeffrey and she’s gotten off scot free with all the c**p she did for him.”

Ms Farmer described the woman as her “babysitter” and said she now lives a life of luxury in “a mansion in England”.


She added: “She’s under the radar and protected by money – but that’s what Ghislaine did to keep people quiet.”

Maxwell has always denied any wrongdoing or even knowledge of Epstein's crimes – as has Prince Andrew.

Ms Farmer previously slammed the prince over the now infamous interview in which he said he couldn’t remember meeting accuser Virginia Roberts.

She said: “He is revolting and disgusting. Shame on you!

“I would like to know why is his memory so poor? Does he really believe that we can think that at his age he forgets these things?”


Epstein killed himself in jail last August while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges.

And Ms Farmer is among a group of 61 Epstein accusers that have entered settlement talks with his estate.

The women have all agreed to participate in a Victim Compensation Fund that will assess each claim before issuing a payout within 90 days.

That means they could get their settlements just before the anniversary of his death on August 10.

The Sun has obtained legal filings which state 44 victims have joined the 12 women represented by Jordan K. Merson of Merson Law and five women working with Lisa Bloom of The Bloom Firm in agreeing to the parameters of the Fund.

Among the women to have joined that initial group of 17 are Annie Farmer, Maria Farmer, Teresa Helm, Juliette Bryant, Jane Sarah Ransome and Virginia Roberts.

The total cost of these settlements will likely exceed £80million ($100million) based on Epstein's past settlements with victims in his Palm Beach cases.

The women will now have to sign a four-page contract that states they can never again file legal action against the Epstein estate and co-executors Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn.


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