Pregnant artist creates incredible illusions on her own body during lockdown

MOTHERHOOD is a swanderful thing, as artist Gesine Marwedel proves.

She usually paints on ­models’ bodies — creating amazing illusions of animals like snails and rabbits.

But Gesine, 33, turned her brushes on herself when she became pregnant during the pandemic.

Here, her arm becomes a swan’s head and neck while her baby bump is its body.

Gesine, from Dortmund, Germany said: "Because of Covid I had to do it on my own which was a real challenge.

"Mostly I am inspired by a photo, pose or something and first I try out poses in front of a mirror.

"Bodypainting is very different from canvas painting. You have to deal with poses, shapes, lights and shadows and a living model, that moves, talks and has needs.

"You also can't take a rest and finish the painting another day – it has to be finished the same day, even when it takes up to 12 hours."

Now all her amazing swan image needs is her cygnet-ure.

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