Pervert caught ‘performing sex act’ as woman squats in gym

A pervert was caught on camera allegedly performing a sex act as a woman squatted in the gym.

The man was filmed sitting on a mat pointing his phone at the woman, while his other hand was seen moving underneath a towel over crotch.

The gym goer was banned from the Virgin Active facility, in Stellenbosch, South Africa, after the footage was uploaded to social media.

The man who caught the pervert on camera wrote: "I want this man's face to go viral. This was at the Virgin Active in Stellenbosch. Absolutely abysmal behaviour."

The gym is now taking legal action against the member, whose membership has been cancelled, according to South African media site News 24 .

A spokesman for Virgin Active told the website: "Virgin Active is aware of a video circulating on social media and WhatsApp.

"Our clubs are shared spaces and we will absolutely not tolerate depraved behaviour.

"We commenced our investigation as soon as we received the video.

"We have identified the member in question and have terminated his membership with immediate effect."

News 24 reported that the incident happened on Thursday.

Video of the man allegedly masturbating was uploaded online by a Twitter user on Friday.

The four-second clip, which pans from the pervert to the squatting woman, has been viewed 4.85million times.

The footage was filmed from an exercise bike and zooms in on the suspect and then on the woman.

It is believed the pervert was filming the woman while performing the sex act.

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