Nearly 60 percent of New Yorkers say Cuomo should resign: poll

Almost 60 percent of New Yorkers say Gov. Andrew Cuomo should step down in the wake of Attorney General Letitia James’ independent sexual harassment probe that found he broke state and federal laws, a new poll found.

The survey, taken Tuesday evening, showed 59 percent of New York State residents — and 52 percent of registered Democrats — believe the embattled governor should resign.

If Cuomo doesn’t step down, the 59 percent of adults think the State Legislature should impeach him, while just 28 percent think the legislative body shouldn’t, according to the Marist Poll.

Only 11 percent, including 18 percent of registered Democrats in New York, hold that Cuomo “deserves” to be reelected, according to the poll, released Wednesday morning.

“The court of public opinion believes the allegations against Governor Cuomo warrant his removal from office,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of the Marist Poll.

“If he does not resign, nearly six in ten New Yorkers believe he should be impeached,” he added. “Even if he survives this scandal, his reelection prospects are rock bottom with even his Democratic base deserting him.”

Just 32 percent of New York residents maintain that Cuomo should serve out his term, according to the poll.

Additionally, 44 percent of Empire State residents think the governor’s actions were illegal, while 29 percent say the third-term Democrat’s actions were untechnical but not unlawful, according to the poll. Just 7 percent of adult residents in the state think the governor did nothing wrong, the survey found.

Fifty-two percent of New York City residents think Cuomo should step aside, according to the landline and cell phone poll of 614 adults, including 542 registered voters. The survey has a plus/minus 5.1 percent margin of error.

In a significant departure from prior assessments of the governor’s standing, Cuomo’s support from older, non-white Democratic voters appears to be slipping.

A plurality, 49 percent, of non-white residents believe Cuomo should resign, and a majority of New Yorkers 45 and older, 51 percent, say it’s time for the Democratic chief executive to go, the poll shows.

The new numbers are a far cry from a July 13 Siena poll, where only 13 percent of Democrats said the governor should resign, 58 percent of black voters said they would grant him a fourth term, as well as 41 percent of Latino voters.

Cuomo — facing a cascade of calls to resign from several Democratic elected officials after the release of the state Attorney General’s scathing probe — refused to resign on Tuesday, denying wrongdoing via a bizarre pre-recorded video.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams, some key union allies, and a slew of other local lawmakers declared that the governor should step aside.

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