Moment school bus driver ‘deliberately slams brakes so hard child flies into windshield and cracks it’ when they won’t stop misbehaving

A BUS driver admitted deliberately slamming his brakes so hard that a child flew into the front windshield and cracked it, according to police.

Disturbing camera footage captured the moment Jamie Tellez, 50, shouted at one youngster for throwing rubbish while driving through Mesa in Arizona on Tuesday.

He then slammed on the brakes and sent another child standing in the aisle barrelling towards the front of the bus, smacking into its windscreen.

Court documents say the force resulted in the boy “striking his head against the front windshield of the school bus, causing a large crack to the window.”

The footage then appears to show Tellez grabbing the injured child off the floor by the strap of his backpack and flinging him behind him.

He screams “I’m going to f****** knock the s*** out of you,” at the youngster who threw the trash on the floor.

Both boys got off the bus soon afterwards without further incident, AzFamily reported.

Police say the youngster who struck the windshield suffered head and hip injuries, with Tellez’s alleged abuse exposed when the boy told his parents, who contacted police.

They said Tellez did not check on that youngster’s welfare, seek medical attention, or try and contact the boy’s family to explain what had happened.

Court documents add that he “never showed any concern for the victim’s safety or welfare.”

Tellez has since been charged with child abuse, threatening, reckless driving and endangerment.

He has since been released on bail, but must wear an electronic tag until at least his next court appearance on October 23.

Mesa Public Schools District say they have recommended Tellez be terminated from his job, with its board set to make a final decision on October 24.

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