Michael Schumacher's treatment will help F1 legend 'return to a more normal life', says ex-Ferrari boss

MICHAEL Schumacher is receiving treatment which has been tailored so the Formula 1 legend can “return to a more normal life,” the former boss of Ferrari has said.

Tragedy struck the German driver in December 2013 when he had a skiing accident in the French Alps and suffered devastating injuries which he is still fighting to overcome.

Despite wearing a helmet, the German's injuries were so severe he was placed into a medically-induced coma.

His condition and progress have been kept a closely guarded secret by his family with only a handful of people allowed to visit him.

Michael Schumacher’s close friend Jean Todt, the FIA president and former boss of Ferrari, is one of few who have been able to see the 51-year-old.

Todt, 74, gave a rare update on Schumacher’s condition to Ouest France, saying: "I am very discreet on this subject.

"We all know that Michael had a very serious accident and, unfortunately, it had significant consequences for him.

"Since then, he has been treated so that he can be able to return to a more normal life."

After a previous visit to the F1 star in September, Todt said at the time: "He is fighting.

“My God, we know he had a terrible and unfortunate skiing accident which has caused him a lot of problems.

"But he has an amazing wife next to him, he has his kids, his nurses, and we can only wish him the best and to wish the family the best, too.

He has been treated so that he can be able to return to a more normal life

“All I can do is to be close to them until I am able to do something, and then I will do it.”

The same month, neurosurgeon Erich Riederer claimed Schumacher was in a “vegetative state” and not responding to his family.

"I think he's in a vegetative state, which means he's awake but not responding," he told French TV channel TMC.

"He is breathing, his heart is beating, he can probably sit up and take baby steps with help, but no more.

"I think that's the maximum for him. Is there any chance of seeing him like he was before his accident? I really don't think so."

However Riederer made the claims without having met Schumacher.

Over a sparkling F1 career Schumacher notched up seven championship wins, winning five titles in a row between 2000 and 2004.

He won 91 races in total and is widely regarded as possibly the greatest F1 driver of all time.

His record of seven championship titles was equalled by Brit driver Lewis Hamilton this year.

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