Jax the staffy is rescued after being stuck in cave for two days

Miracle as Jax the staffy is rescued by an army of volunteers after being stuck in a cave for two days

  • Staffordshire bull terrier jax rescued from cave after two days 
  • Jax fell down a cave opening on a Central Coast property 
  • Volunteers rushed to help after the Saturday plea was put out 

The owners of a dog trapped in a cave for two days feared they would never see their beloved staffy again before a miracle rescue saw the pet emerge safe and sound.

Jax, a five-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, was pulled out of a NSW Central Coast cave on Monday after falling down a narrow crevice in rocks while wandering with his owners’ at a Wyong Creek property on Saturday.

Jax’s owner Deborah May expressed her joy having prepared herself to never see the beloved pet again. 

Jax, the staffy, emerges safe and sound from the cave where the dog was trapped for two days 

‘We are so relieved to have him back,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. 

Video shows the rescuers exclaiming in triumph ‘We got him’ as an exhausted but unharmed Jax appears from the opening around mid-day on Monday.

‘He’s happy, he’s wagging his tail,’ one person observed as Jax meekly made his way around the group.

After Jax surprisingly turning down an offered bowl of water, one of the rescuers suggested ‘he just wants a cuddle’. 

Jax’s owner Deborah May put out a desperate plea for help to rescue the dog on Saturday and was overwhelmed with the response she received.

Som volunteers even had to turned away as there were already enough helpers working with Central Coast Volunteer Rescue and NSW Cave Rescue crews.

The rescuers were encouraged by hearing Jax continue to bark and whine while they were trying to get an opening into the cave

A subdued Jax appeared to in relatively good health after the two-day ordeal of being trapped under rocks

Rescuers were given hope by Jax barking and yelping in response to his owner’s prompts.  

However, as Jax remained trapped, Ms May became resigned to the worst case scenario.  

‘We thought we would be saying our goodbyes to him last night, Ms May told Daily Mail Australia after the rescue.

‘We were devastated thinking no one could get him out.’ 

Jax’s owners put out desperate pleas to the NSW Central Coast community to help rescue Jax and were overwhelmed with offers

Ms May says that Jax has come out of the ordeal well but exhausted and is catching up on some much needed sleep

Many in the community became absorbed in the rescue effort.

When Ms May put out requests for jack hammers and chain saws to help clear the cave entrance she was swamped with offers.

‘We would like to truly thank everyone for there support in helping us rescue our boy,’ Ms May posted on Facebook.

After being given the all clear by RSPCA vets Jax got some much needed rest. 

‘He has been bathed and he is exhausted and sleeping at the moment,’ Ms May posted on Facebook.

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