I'm 45st and Britain's fattest man thanks to £30 A DAY junk food habit – now all I want for Christmas is a gastric band

THE UK's fattest man – who spends £30 a day on a junk food habit and weighs a staggering 45st – now wants a gastric bypass for Christmas.

Morbidly obese Jason Holton – who was last seen being winched from his old, third-floor flat by crane in 2020 after he ballooned to 50st – is praying he can get the life-saving op done soon.

It comes after Jason, 31, managed to shed 10st in hospital but shot back to 45st after returning to bad habits such as having four packets of crisps and cans of Coke for breakfast.

He has now moved into a custom-built, £400,000 home with a specially constructed £3,000 toilet.

In an exclusive interview, Jason confessed: “I’ve given up on myself, to be honest.

“To lose weight I’d have to go on a low-calorie crash diet, like 600 or 800 calories a day, which I’m not capable of because I’m too addicted to food and I’ve got nothing else to do.

“If I try to walk there’s so much strain on my head, from carrying so much weight, it’s like I’ve been upside down on a rollercoaster — it’s dangerous.

"I go to the kitchen and bathroom now and again but that’s the only movement I do.

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"I never go outside, not even to the garden, and I probably take about 25 steps a day.

“The best present I can hope for this Christmas is a gastric bypass, finally. I’ve been told I’m eligible and am on a waiting list and that’s the only thing that might help sort me out.”

A gastric band procedure involves using surgical staples to create a pouch at the top of the stomach that connects to the small intestine, bypassing the rest of the stomach.

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This means it takes less food to make you feel full and you absorb fewer calories from the food you eat.

Jason became Britain's fattest man when 65st Carl Thompson, from Dover, died in 2015, and his situation shows the challenge the Government faces in tackling the national obesity crisis.

An extra £5billion has been pledged over the next three years for research into health threats including obesity at a time when 63 per cent of adults in England are overweight and 28 per cent are considered obese.

Jason blames an addiction to a takeaway food app for making him balloon. His bills run to a shocking £10,000 a year.

At his worst, he smashed down more than 10,000 calories a day, including two extra-large doner kebabs with chips and five litres of fizzy drinks.

In October last year he was struggling to breathe because of a huge fluid build-up caused by lymphoedema — a condition that causes swelling of body tissues and can be a result of obesity.

A team of 30 firemen and engineers had to remove a window at his 53-year-old mother Leisa’s two-bedroom flat in Camberley, Surrey, before he was slowly winched to the ground in a seven-hour operation and then taken to nearby Frimley Park Hospital.

He slimmed down to 40st during a four-week stay in hospital, when excess fluid was treated with furosemide injections — a form of diuretic to make you urinate — and he was put on a strict diet of three meals a day.

Doctors had considered making him move into a care home but scrapped the plan when a housing association bungalow in the Hampshire village of Crondall became available in November last year.

A government grant has paid for the installation of his specialist toilet, with built-in bidet.

He also has a bariatric chair — wider and stronger than normal — that he also sleeps on, and a specially adapted shower and back door so he can be wheeled from the property without the need for a crane.

He also receives benefits including fortnightly Employment Support Allowance of £398, and each month a Personal Independence Payment of £451 and a £550 contribution toward his £621 rent.

He now has a team of carers including his mum, who help with basics such as taking the bins out, and he has quit takeaways but still spends £100 a week on Tesco deliveries and almost £10 a day on cigarettes.

He has heavy-duty scales to weigh himself at home and admits his weight has crept back up to 45st.

He said: “I eat out of boredom from being stuck at home all day.

“Some people use drugs and alcohol, but I use food. I’ve stopped eating the takeaways but it has not made a difference.

‘I broke the bench’

“I wake up between 8am and 10am and then have about four packets of McCoy’s crisps for breakfast because it’s easy.

“I’m too big to cook for myself so everything needs to be easy.

“I have two mac-and-cheese ready meals for lunch, with four packets of crisps, and two ready meals — either mac-and-cheese or spaghetti carbonara — in the evening.

"I do admit having chocolate yoghurts about three times a week. I don’t eat desserts, ice cream or sweets but do have chocolate now and again.

“I’ve stopped drinking Coke in the 1.5-litre bottles because that was a big problem, but I still have four or five cans a day. It’s amazing I don’t have diabetes.

“I’m taking tablets for the lymphoedema and if it wasn’t for them I would be dead already, as the swelling would be that bad.”

Jason confesses that he has barely left the house in ten years, as he is terrified he could collapse and die.

He said: “I’m a liability. I’ve got a fear of going outside because I know I can’t look after myself.

“One time, about two years ago, I tried to go outside to get fresh air and when I sat on the bench outside of my mum’s flat, it broke.

“That was embarrassing because there was a loud bang and the next-door neighbour looked out of the window.

“Now I have carers who come round to take the rubbish out every morning because if I collapse outside, the fire brigade might need to be called to get me back up.

“Just moving around the house is a huge risk for me, as I’m so hugely obese.”

Jason was only three when his dad, Sultan Nemer, died aged 21 in a car accident, and he cites this as the root of the depression that resulted in his food addiction.

He was a chubby child, ballooned to 24st as a teenager then 40st by age 26. He was offered a gastric bypass but when he arrived at hospital, the staff found he was 6st too heavy for their equipment.

He said: “I don’t worry about death but I do worry I haven’t lived. I haven’t been out partying or had a job or a girlfriend and my biggest fear is I will die without achieving any of this.

“I spent all of my twenties stuck indoors watching TV and eating, and just going out for a coffee would be great for me. It’s sad but it feels like my life is already over.

“I don’t want to grow old and find I can’t move my limbs and it’s impossible to walk to the toilet.

"I signed a Do Not Resuscitate form in hospital and will sign another one when it runs out in June.

“I decided that if I have a heart attack now, I won’t get resuscitated. I’d rather die."

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