‘I should have stopped them’: Anonymous note at Ahmaud Arbery memorial raises questions

A mysterious note left at a Georgia memorial for slain black jogger Ahmaud Arbery has raised the possibility of an unknown new witness to the Feb. 23 slaying.

“Ahmaud — I am so sorry,” the unsigned note says. “I am so sorry. I should have stopped them. I am so sorry.”

Arbery’s family now wants to find out who penned the card, CNN reported Thursday.

“We need to discover who left this note!” the family’s attorney, S. Lee Merritt, wrote on Twitter.

Two white men, ex-cop Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34, were charged with murder and aggravated assault in Arbery’s death last week.

The arrests came more than two months after the shooting, during which police said the McMichaels cut off Arbery while he jogged, claiming they believed him to be a burglary suspect.

Arbery was killed by two shotgun blasts during a struggle with Travis McMichael.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the state agency that took over the case from local police and prosecutors, has interviewed the McMichaels and several neighbors, including the man who filmed the fatal shooting on his cell phone.

The anonymous note raises questions over whether one of them wrote it or if there is another witness.

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