Hapless waiter serves lucky restaurant diner £4,500 bottle by mistake

Hapless waiter serves lucky restaurant diner £4,500 bottle of Cheateau le Pin Pomerol wine by mistake

  • Waiter served the pricey 2001 bottle at Hawksmoor steak house in Manchester 
  • Restaurant joked that the waiter should keep her ‘chin up’ despite the mistake 
  • Twitter users asked for him to look after their table next time they eat there
  • Not yet known how much was paid for bottle, which menu lists as ‘tremendous’
  • Do you know the customer or waiter? Email [email protected] 

A hapless waiter accidentally treated a lucky diner to a £4,500 bottle of red wine at a high-end restaurant.

One lucky customer was served the bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol at Hawksmoor in Manchester.

The steak house – rated the city’s second-best restaurant – shared the blunder on Twitter.

Advising the member of staff to keep her ‘chin up’, the eatery said ‘one-off mistakes happen’ in post praised by social media users.

Advising the member of staff to keep her ‘chin up’, the eatery said ‘one-off mistakes happen’ in a post online (file photo)

The restaurant (pictured) team shared the blunder on Twitter after a waiter accidentally served the expensive bottle 

Some joked ‘we need to go to Manchester’ and another wrote ‘bet they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference’ between the 2001 bottle and a standard red.

One tweeted: ‘Wait till they order the “House Red” again and complain it’s not as good as last time.’ 

Jonathan Downey said: ‘Whoever made this mistake, can they look after our table the next time I’m in please? Cheers.’ 

The restaurant, which came second in Time Out’s top 16 eateries in the city, boasts that the vintage is a ‘tremendous effort’ on its menu.

‘Its deep ruby/plum/purple colour is accompanied by an extraordinary perfume of creme de cassis, cherry liqueur, plums, liquorice, caramel, and sweet toast,’ it says.

The pricey bottle of plonk is the most expensive wine on its menu. Hawksmoor said that it hopes the punter enjoyed the bottle as people praised it for not showing anger to the worker.

Laura Kate wrote: ‘As someone who works in hospitality, bless you for being understanding and not flying off the handle at the poor lad.’ 

It is not known how much the customer paid for the wine, of which there were only 400-600 cases in existence when it was first bottled.  

The beverage is listed on Hawksmoor Manchester’s menu under a section headed ‘rarities’. 

If the lucky diner had ordered the cheapest bottle of red on the menu – a 2014 Armigero, Sangiovese Riserva – for £26, the eatery would have been out of pocket by £4,474.

The second priciest bottle is a 1996 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, which would set you back £1,750. 

Chateau Le Pin, which crafted the drink, is described as ‘built on the bedrock of the twin factors of excellence and rarity’ on the website Cult Wines.

Located in Bordeaux, it is one of the smallest estates in the region and produces some of its most expensive wines. 

The rarity of the red is the reason behind its sky-high price, which is expected to rise over time as more of the finite stock is drunk. 


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