Greece flooding – Two dead as buildings and roads collapse after 'Mediterranean hurricane' Storm Ianos batters country

TWO people are dead as buildings and roads have collapsed in severe floods after a Storm Ianos battered Greece.

The Medicane, or "Mediterranean hurricane", pounded central Greece today, flooding streets and homes, authorities said.

Authorities said the two victims as an elderly woman found dead in her flooded home and a 63-year-old shepherd who was swept by rising flood waters.

Storm Ianos caused power cuts and up rooted trees on the Ionian islands and the western Peloponnese yesterday before sweeping to the cities of Karditsa and Farsala.

The fire brigade found the body of the woman in a flooded house in near Farsala.

Authorities were searching for two more people who had been reported missing, police officials said.

Later it was announced a 63-year-old man was found dead near a hospital in Karditsa.

It was not immediately clear if he was among the two people reported missing.

TV images showed how the city of Kardista – one of Greece's biggest plains – turned into a lake and a bridge collapsed after the heavy rainfall.

Nikolaos Gousios, from Farsala, told state TV: "We're dealing with a total catastrophe."

The fire brigade said it had received more than 2,450 calls for assistance to rescue trapped people, cut down trees, and pump out water from homes and stores.

Power has gone out in Karditsa and the Ionian islands.

Five vessels sank off Zakynthos and Lefkada on Friday, the coast guard said.

By this afternoon, Storm Ianos had reached Athens as rail links between the capital city and Thessaloniki were suspended.

Cyclones like Ianos were first recorded in Greece in 1995 and have become more frequent in recent years.

A similar storm hit the country in 2018.

In 2017, flash floods killed 25 people and left hundreds homeless.

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