French mountain biker cycles over narrow arch of a river bridge

Scary short cut! French mountain biker cycles over narrow arch of a river bridge in vertigo-inducing footage

  • Aurelien Fontenoy cycles up the arch of the Pont du Sablon bridge in Grenoble
  • He carefully keeps his balance as he manoeuvres his bike over the narrow strip
  • The cyclist makes it safely over the arch and freewheels down the other side  

This is the nail-biting moment a daredevil biker cycled over the narrow arch of a bridge in France, risking plummeting into the river below.

Professional mountain biker Aurelien Fontenoy filmed his death-defying stunt on the Pont du Sablon bridge in his home town of Grenoble, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Footage shows the bike’s handlebars rocking from side to side as the cyclist pedals up the narrow strip of concrete arching over the bridge, high above the Isère river. 

Fontenoy, who did not use any safety equipment for the stunt, makes it safely to the highest point and pushes through his fear to freewheel down the other side. 

Professional mountain biker Aurelien Fontenoy decided to cycle up and over the Pont du Sablon bridge in his home town of Grenoble

 The daredevil cyclist pedals up the steep incline and manages to keep his balance on the bridge 

Speaking after the stunt, which was shared on Fontenoy’s Instagram on October 16, the three times world champion said: ‘It’s funny. I kept thinking there is a graveyard on the left after the bridge which I would be visiting if I made one wrong move.’

As he planned the ride, the cyclist filmed himself walking over the bridge and described how some pedestrians had called him ‘crazy’.

He said: ‘It’s going to be crazy, I was up there and already two or three older people were looking at me saying ”you’re crazy”. You can imagine what it will be with the bike! 

‘When you’re on top, it’s really scary, there’s a moment when you have to push on the chain as you pedal and you don’t want it to break, I hope mine will hold on.’ 

The mountain biker makes his way across the narrow strip of concrete on top of the bridge -with a bird’s eye view of the cycle lanes marked on the road below

Shocked viewers shared their thoughts on the death-defying stunt, with one describing how their adrenaline levels had been raised after watching the clip

‘A risky trick is what I like. It’s a one chance, no fails possible kind of trick. You have to know your body and bike.’

The dangerous stunt was shared on Mr Fontenoy’s Instagram where it attracted more than 5 million views.         

One viewer wrote: ‘Such things are what I usually see in my dreams before I fall and wake up.’

While another person added: ‘Risky.’

Elsewhere another Instagram user joked: ‘Bike lane was clearly marked.’ 

The Pont du Sablon, which connects Grenoble to La Tronche, is located in the French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 

Earlier this year, French stuntman Antoni Villoni was also seen speeding across the Pont du Sablon bridge, which connects Grenoble to La Tronche, in a vertigo-inducing stunt.

The adrenaline junkie took a run up to the bridge before pedalling fast to make it up the steep incline.

Fortunately he too made it safely over the top of the bridge and was able to free-wheel down the other side.    

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