FedEx driver listens as Georgia man hurls racial slurs at him

FedEx worker keeps his cool as Georgia man goes on racist tirade against him – and accuses him of trying to run over his dog

  • The barefoot, middle-aged white man appeared to accuse the FedEx driver of attempting to run over his dog as he hurled racial slurs
  • The FedEx driver recorded the interaction while remaining calm as he was repeatedly called a ‘stupid monkey’ and the N-word
  • The altercation, which has garnered at least 17 million views online, occurred in a metropolitan suburb of Georgia  

A FedEx employee in Douglasville, Georgia, captured a man on his phone camera shouting racial slurs at him while he was on his delivery route.

The Twitter account ATL Uncensored shared the video Wednesday that has so far amassed 17 million views and counting.

The video shows a middle-aged white man with a large dog screaming at the man behind the camera, calling him a ‘monkey’ and subsequently the n-word.

The man claimed the employee attempted to run over his dog and shouts at him to leave.

‘Go ahead and park. You want to f*** around with a white man? You run over my dog and I’ll show you how little black lives matter,’ said the man.

The barefoot middle-aged man hurled racial epithets at the Fedex driver as he recorded him

The video recording began with the employee catching the man calling him a ‘stupid monkey,’ before the FedEx worker says out the window, ‘Go ahead. Say it again. Say it again. Say it again. Say it again.’

‘I’m a what?’ asks the driver.

‘You a dumb n*****,’ says the man, now several meters away and shouting. He stands at the gate of what appears to be a residential road.

‘Go ahead and park. You want to f*** around with a white man? You run over my dog and I’ll show you how little black lives matter,’ said the man.

‘Ain’t nobody running over nothing,’ interjected the driver. 

‘Go ahead, get out you f***ing dumb n*****,’ says the man, who is barefoot in shorts, a sweatshirt and a vest, holding a ball throwing device for his large brown dog.

The exchange ends with the driver saying, ‘Aye, welcome to Facebook.’

To which the man with the dog responds, ‘You think I give a f*** n*****?’ and turns to walk away. His dog remained enchanted by the ball throughout the exchange.

The man claimed the FedEx driver had attempted to run over his dog, which the driver verbally denied during the altercation. All the while, the man’s large brown dog seemed pre-occupied by the ball in his owner’s hand

The man was standing in front of a gated path that appeared to lead down a residential road

It is unclear what transpired between the two men in the moments leading up to the video being taken. 

When contacted by local outlet Narcity, FedEx said it was disturbed by the behavior exhibited in the video. 

‘At FedEx, we believe that everyone deserves respect. The behavior depicted in this video is highly disturbing.

‘The safety and security of our team members and service providers is a top priority and we are reviewing the circumstances behind this matter.’

Twitter users in the comments widely came out in support of the driver, who was lauded for staying calm in the face of the man hurling racist epithets.

Many felt that the dog ‘deserves better’ in terms of its owner.

Others suggested that FedEx cease delivering packages to the man’s residence.

‘It’s a privilege to use FedEx services. @FedEx – do something,’ wrote one Elon Musk parody account.

‘Well done to the driver for keeping composed,’ wrote Marcus Mossdorf. ‘We will all encounter pain and prejudice in life. Society isn’t perfect.’

‘To be clear – I don’t condone this at all, but the driver here is the one in power. He’s consciously exercised self-control,’ he added. 

Douglasville, Georgia is part of the metropolitan Atlanta area, sitting about 20 miles west of the city center.

It has a population of about 35,000 people, the majority of whom (64 percent) are black.

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