Epstein assistant accused of supplying girls WILL NOT face charges

Epstein assistant Lesley Groff who was accused of supplying girls for the pedophile and once said she could read his mind WILL NOT face charges, her lawyers claim after civil case is dropped

  • Lesley Groff, 53, was generously paid as Epstein’s executive assistant in NY
  • She once described the pedophile financier as ‘an extension of my brain’
  • Groff was named along with three other female employees in infamous ’08 suit
  • But federal prosecutors in Manhattan have no plans to bring charges against her
  • Groff’s lawyers say she ‘never witnessed anything improper or illegal’

Jeffrey Epstein’s assistant of 20 years who said she had a bond so tight with the pedophile ‘that I know what he’s thinking’ will not face prosecution, lawyers have said after a civil case was dropped against her.

Lesley Groff, 53, was generously compensated for working as Epstein’s executive assistant in New York and is accused of being one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s minions.

As Maxwell faces the rest of her life behind bars, the focus has turned to the women who, according to lawsuits, court testimony and police reports, managed the teenage girls coming and going out of Epstein’s houses, including collecting contact information, taking messages and arranging the girls’ travel. 

Groff was named along with three other female employees, Sarah Kellen, Nadia Marcinkova and Adriana Ross, as an unindicted co-conspirator in Epstein’s infamous sweetheart deal in 2008 that saw him given a cushy sentence and avoid federal sex trafficking charges in exchange for pleading guilty to soliciting sex from a minor.

But federal prosecutors in Manhattan have no plans to bring charges against Groff, her lawyers announced in a statement on Thursday.

‘After a more than two-year investigation by the Department of Justice into Jeffrey Epstein’s conduct, which included lengthy interviews of witnesses and a thorough review of relevant communications, we have been informed that no criminal charges will be brought against Lesley Groff,’ attorneys Michael Bachner and Jon Whitcomb told Insider.

They added that Groff ‘never witnessed anything improper or illegal.’ 

Lesley Groff, 53, was generously compensated for working as Epstein’s executive assistant in New York and is accused of being one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s minions (pictured: Groff attends  the Central Park Conservancy 30th Anniversary Gala at Central Park Boathouse on February 23, 2010)

Maxwell is embraced by Epstein as they pose for a never-before-seen photo shown at her trial

That statement came after a lawsuit filed by a Jane Doe against Groff was voluntarily dropped on Thursday.

The lawsuit claimed that Groff played an integral role in arranging Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

In addition to Groff, the defendants were Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn, the executors of Epstein’s estate.  

‘Groff, Epstein’s longtime New York-based right hand, facilitated Epstein’s trafficking and sexual abuse of Jane, including by purchasing plane tickets, sending money, making appointments, and sending various communications from New York,’ the complaint stated.

‘Groff knew or recklessly disregarded the facts and information that made clear that Epstein was trafficking Jane to Paris for commercial sex purposes, and that Epstein was doing so by means of force, threats of force, fraud, coercion, and/or a combination of such means.’

Groff’s lawyers said that as Epstein’s assistant her duties included making appointments, taking messages, and ‘setting up high-level meetings with CEOs, business executives, scientists, politicians, celebrities, charitable organizations and universities.’

Her legal team also said that another Epstein-related civil suit naming Groff as a defendant was dropped last year and reiterated that no criminal charges have ever been filed against their client.  

Groff told The New York Times in 2005 that she answered Epstein’s telephone and managed his schedule. 

She said that she had formed a special bond with the financier such that Epstein was ‘an extension of my brain.’

Epstein accuser Sarah Ransome has claimed that Groff emailed her saying that the financier had demanded she lose 11 pounds to maintain her slim figure. 

‘Please could you also let him know that I am now 57 kg and that everything is going well,’ Ransome emailed Groff in 2007. 

Jennifer Araoz, who says she was recruited by another of Epstein’s staff members outside her high school when she was 15 years old, said she was told to wait in ‘Ms Groff’s office’ when she went to see him. 

In a separate 2017 lawsuit, filed by an anonymous Jane Doe, it was claimed that Groff was part of a circle of female ‘recruiters’ close to Epstein.

‘Groff coordinated schedules between Epstein and the various young females used for sex; made travel arrangements for the girls; tended to their living needs; and communicated with them in order to maintain their compliance with the rules of behavior imposed upon them by the enterprise,’ the lawsuit said.

Following Maxwell’s arrest last year, Groff’s attorney Bachner, vehemently denied the claims against his client.  

A sleazy haul of never-before-seen photos unearthed in an FBI raid and introduced as evidence showed Ghislaine Maxwell giving Jeffrey Epstein foot rubs on his private jet dubbed Lolita Express 

One of the pictures brought in as evidence showed Epstein and Maxwell relaxing at Balmoral, the Scottish home of Queen Elizabeth. Her son, Prince Andrew, is one of the men who was said to have flown on Epstein’s plane

News that Groff is facing no prosecution comes as pressure mounts on the other alleged ‘recruiters’, sexual partners or friends of Epstein.

Groff was named along with Kellen, Marcinkova and Ross, in a non-prosecution agreement which Epstein signed with federal prosecutors in Florida in 2008.

The widely-criticized deal allowed Epstein to serve a lenient sentence at Palm Beach County jail on charges of soliciting a minor, rather than face a federal sex-trafficking indictment.

The sweetheart deal said that prosecutors would not bring criminal charges against Groff and the other women who it called ‘potential co-conspirators.’ 

Neither Groff nor the three other women have ever been charged with any crimes.

Nor were they called to testify in Maxwell’s four-week trial, which heard sordid accounts of the sexual exploitation of girls as young as 14. 

Brad Edwards, an attorney representing dozens of Epstein victims and who has pursued the pedophile for more than a decade said Maxwell’s conviction has raised questions as to whether she will ‘spill the beans on the other abusers.’

‘Let’s be clear, Ghislaine Maxwell is the top of the pyramid. There are others who should be held accountable but none more dangerous and evil as she,’ Edwards told DailyMail.com.

‘When I heard about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell 13 tears ago, I decided not to stop until justice was served for all of the victims. Today is another huge step.

‘But it’s not over. Everyone else who played a role knows who they are.’

Ghislaine’s minions: Pressure mounts for Maxwell’s ‘recruiters’ to be brought to justice after the ‘mastermind’ behind Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme is convicted


Sarah Kellen, 41, has been described in victim lawsuits as Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘lieutenant’ or ‘second in command.’ She is pictured right with Epstein in New York City in 2012

One victim, identified as ‘Carolyn’ testified in Maxwell’s trial saying she was often called by the British socialite or Kellen to give sexual massages to Epstein. They are pictured together in an undated evidence photo shown in court

Sarah Kellen, 41, who previously went by Sarah Kensington and now as Sarah Vickers, has been dubbed Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘lieutenant’ by Epstein’s victims.

Kellen has been accused in lawsuits of being Maxwell’s ‘second in command’ and even escorting girls up to Epstein’s room. 

Kellen is now married to Nascar driver Brian Vickers and has rebranded herself as an interior designer under the name Sarah Kensington

She is said to have taken down contact information, relayed messages and made travel arrangements for the disgraced couple. Kellen is also alleged to have flown on the pedophile’s ‘Lolita Express’ almost as many times as Maxwell and Epstein. 

One victim, identified as ‘Carolyn’ testified in Maxwell’s trial that she was often called by the British socialite or Kellen to give sexual massages to Epstein.

Epstein victim Sarah Ransome has also spoken out previously saying that ‘it was Ghislaine and Sarah Kellen that showed me how to please Jeffrey’.

Kellen, however, has denied the allegations claiming that she was herself a victim.  

She claims Epstein took advantage of her when she began working from him at age 22 after divorcing her first husband and becoming estrange from her family of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

When Sarah was targeted by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, she, like many of their victims, was struggling financially and emotionally,’ her spokesperson told Politico in May. 

‘Soon after Sarah was brought into Epstein’s world, he began to sexually and psychologically abuse her – abuse that endured for years.’

Kellen has not admitted to recruiting girls, but did admit to ‘scheduling appointments.

Politico reported that in 2005, police found phone logs, signed by Kellen , with the names of teenagers called to confirm that they were going ‘work’ or ‘had worked.’

Kellen is now married to Nascar driver Brian Vickers and has rebranded herself as an interior designer under the name Sarah Kensington.

DailyMail.com exclusively revealed in 2019 the extraordinary steps that Kellen took to reinvent herself and conceal her sordid past. 


Jeffrey Epstein and former model Adriana Ross at a New York City party in 2005. Ross was one of several witnesses who were questioned about Epstein’s alleged sex ring

Adriana Ross is a former model from Poland who allegedly helped to organize Epstein’s massages. 

Ross moved to Florida in 2002 and worked at Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach and flew frequently on his private jet, including with Bill Clinton, according to flight records. 

Ross was one of several witnesses questioned in a 2010 civil suit about whether Britain’s Prince Andrew participated in Epstein’s sex ring.

She repeatedly invoked her Fifth Amendment rights, a silence she has maintained to this day.

Now believed to be in her late 30s, she appears to have assumed a relatively modest life since leaving Epstein’s gilded circle of celebrities, runway models and royalty.

Today, she’s employed as an accountant, works long hours and rarely parties, according to friends.

Ross was spotted outside a Catholic church close to her home in Miami in 2019 but broke down in tears and declined to comment when approached by DailyMail.com.

In 2017, she and husband Ariel Salazar spent $350,000 on a modest two-bed family home in Miami’s Spring Gardens neighborhood, which they plan on renovating. 


Nadia Marcinkova, 36, is alleged to have taken part in sexual encounters with underage girls and has been described as Epstein’s on-off girlfriend

Nadia Marcinkova, 36, is alleged to have taken part in sexual encounters with underage girls and has been described as Epstein’s on-off girlfriend.

Marcinkova, is pictured left with fellow Epstein assistant Sarah Kellen. Marcikova has also claimed to be a victim herself saying Epstein had bought from her to the US from former Yugoslavia when she was 15

In a Palm County Beach police report, one of Epstein’s victims said he would direct her and Marcinkova to have sex with strap-on dildos and other sex toys. The girl was also allegedly made to watch while Epstein and Marcinkova had sex.  

When Epstein was jailed in Florida in 2008, Marcinkova is reported to have visited him in prison more than 50 times.

However, the woman has also claimed that she is a victim of Epstein herself. 

Marcinko’s personal story is disturbing and Epstein once bragged that she was his ‘sex slave’ who he had bought from her family in the former Yugoslavia when she was 15.

She reinvented herself as a pilot who ran a company called Aviloop selling discount flying lessons under the name ‘Global Girl’. 

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