Donald Trump hits the golf course for second day in a row after AGAIN refusing to concede to Joe Biden

DONALD Trump made a visit to his golf course in Potomac Falls for the second day in a row after flatly refusing to concede to his presidential rival Joe Biden.

The 45th President, 74, was seen enjoying a round of golf Sunday at his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia after going to the course on Saturday.

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It’s thought to be the 297th time Donald Trump has visited a golf course since becoming President on January 20, 2017, according to Golf News Net.

Trump claims to have a USGA handicap index under 5, but he is thought to have a vanity handicap that makes him appear better at the sport than he is.

Barack Obama is thought to have played 333 rounds of golf during his time in the White House.

Trump’s trip out for some recreation time came after he initially conceded that his Democrat rival Biden had won the race to the White House but then backtracked, saying he “concedes nothing”.

The President’s admission came as he continued to fight the results with legal challenges and after he called the election the “greatest theft in the history of America”.

The President appeared to have finally accepted that Biden was the victor when he used the words "he won" for the first time – albeit by then saying "because the Election" was rigged.

But it wasn't long before he backtracked and made it clear that he wasn't conceding anything and "we have a long way to go".

His initial apparent concession came when he once again took aim at Dominion Voting Systems, a technology used by most states, including Michigan and Georgia.

“He won because the Election was Rigged," the President tweeted.

"NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!"

But as his words became widely reported, Trump soon hit back with another furious tweet in which he emphatically declared: "I concede NOTHING!"

Biden's incoming chief of staff Ron Klain said Trump's tweets had no bearing on the actuality of the election.

"Donald Trump’s Twitter feed doesn’t make Joe Biden president or not president,” he told NBC News' ‘Meet the Press’.

“The American people did that.”

Trump has also revived his 'Obamagate' claims that the former president masterminded the Russia investigation and forcing Michael Flynn into taking a guilty plea for lying to the FBI.

He singled out James Comey, who was fired as director of the FBI in 2017 after probing whether Trump's campaign colluded with Russia and deputy director Andrew McCabe, dismissed in 2018.

Comey expressed his support for the Biden campaign during the election and continues to be the object of Trump's ire.

“It’s amazing but nothing happened to [Jim] Comey and [Andrew] McCabe, even though they were caught cold,” he said of the former FBI leaders.

“Then this, the greatest theft in the history of America. And everybody knows it.”

The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in a half-dozen battleground states and on Friday suffered setbacks in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

In Arizona, the Trump campaign dropped a legal challenge in Maricopa County, acknowledging that Joe Biden’s lead was too large for the ballots in question to swing the results in the president’s favor.

Meanwhile in Michigan, a judge turned down Trump supporters’ request to block ballot certification in Detroit, which helped carry Joe Biden’s win in the state.

And Pennsylvania’s secretary of state declined to order a recount—required only if Trump were trailing by less than .5 percent of votes—in 67 counties.

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