Denver shooting – Antifa celebrate after right-wing 'Patriot' is shot dead 'by 9NEWS guard'

AN Antifa supporter was filmed appearing to celebrate the death of a right-wing protester in Denver, shouting “right in the f***ing dome”.

In footage shared by pro-Trump conservative Ian Miles Cheong, an unidentified man can be heard shouting: “F**k yeah. Right in the f***ing dome,” as people gather around where the shooting took place.

Off camera a man can be heard saying “A man got shot” while a woman replies “are you serious?”

The footage shows just one person appearing to celebrate the shooting although others joined in online.

One Twitter user wrote: "dude got what he deserved hope it happens to the rest of you trump supporters." and accompanied the post with a smiling emoji.

Many Twitter users then slammed the comment. When one posted saying they had reported the original comment, the person replied: "Perfect."

The man was shot and killed at around 3.30pm on Saturday as right-wing and Antifa groups clashed in Denver, Colorado.

The man, believed to be part of a right-wing "Patriot Muster" rally, was fatally shot outside the city’s Art Museum.

The Patriot Muster protester maced the security guard, who then pulled out his handgun and shot him dead in the museum's courtyard, the Denver Post reported.

The victim was reportedly shot at point-blank range and was taken to the hospital, where he died an hour later, Denver Police Investigations Division Chief Joe Montoya said.

Cops are investigating the shooting as a homicide and are reviewing cellphone footage taken by various attendees.

Detectives determined that a "verbal altercation" happened near the museum just before the shooting, Montoya said.

Video shows a man wearing a 'Black Guns Matter' t-shirt confronting a group of what appears to be protesters, when a man in a baseball hat steps in between them and puts his arms out to separate them, the man says: "Don't f***ing touch me. Touch me one more time; you're gonna get it."

Then speaking to another man, he says: "F***king mace me. Walk up to me and f***ing mace me. Mace me motherf***er."

The man in the baseball cap steps in between them once again as the man continues to yell but is told "don't f***ing touch me, man."

As the man continues to yell at the group what sounds like a gunshot is heard.

DPD confirmed that the security guard wasn't affiliated with the counter-protesting Black Lives Matter-Antifa group.

It was later reported by 9NEWS that he was a contractor the news station hired through Pinkerton.

"A 9NEWS employee and a 9NEWS contractor were taken into custody," the station said, noting that the second of the two people wasn't connected to the shooting. 

The producer has since been released from police custody, but the 9NEWS contractor is the suspect detained by DPD.

For several months, 9NEWS has hired private security guards to accompany staff at protests, the news station said.

The bucket hat man clutches what appears to be a can of mace as the two continue to exchange obscenities.

"F**k around and find out!" the man with the Black Guns Matter shirt screams before turning his attention to another man holding a baton.

Moments later, the victim is seen dropping to the floor behind the arguing men after the hiss of an aerosol can and a loud bang.

Two guns were recovered at the scene, and the suspect in custody is being held at police headquarters, DPD said.

A canister of Mace was also recovered at the scene, and detectives are still probing whether it was used in the attack, the police chief said.

Denver Police said later in the evening that the suspect is a private security guard who isn't affiliated with Antifa.

Dozens of people gathered in downtown Denver for a "Patriot Muster" rally for a far-right militia group and a "BLM-Antifa Soup Drive" hosted by Denver Communists, Denver-Boulder Socialist Revolution and other groups, according to the event Facebook page.

The security guard still had his handgun in his clutches, and as cops swarmed him with their guns pointed, he dropped to his knees, raised his hands above his head and released his weapon.

He was arrested at the scene along with the second person who was later believed to have no connection to the shooting.

Local businesses were warned of the potential for escalating violence early Saturday and were told to report seeing protesters wearing helmets, shields, or gas masks ahead of the rallies, KMGH reported.

Earlier this summer, Black Lives Matter and Back the Blue supporters violently clashed at the Greek Amphitheater in Civic Central Park.

Several people were seen fist fighting, and one Blue Lives Matter supporter reported being cracked on the head with a skateboard.

The clash came nearly two months after the death of George Floyd, which prompted violent clashes between protesters and police across the United States.

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