Deer crashes into a garage door

Doe! Bizarre moment panicking deer runs headlong into a garage door and five more spooked animals skid across driveway

  • A home CCTV system captured footage of the deer running into the garage door
  • The incident in Hagerstown, Maryland happened at lunchtime on Monday 
  • The householder believes the startled deer were blinded by the low sun 

This is the moment a deer swerved off a road and ran straight at a householder’s garage door, crashing into it with a loud thud. 

Security camera footage shows the dazed creature scramble to its feet as several deer following it slam on the brakes and skid across the driveway.

The animals then turn on their heels and dash back towards the street in Hagerstown, Maryland.

This is the moment a deer tries to stop having run directly at a garage door in Maryland 

The deer slammed into a garage door at high speed and was knocked to the ground 

As the first deer got back onto its feet, several other animals raced towards the door

During the incident, filmed on March 14, one person off camera reacts to the loud bang by shouting: ‘What the f***?’ 

The unidentified householder said afterwards: ‘We’re suspecting that the deer were startled by the traffic and blinded by the glare of sunlight when they ran into a house’s driveway. Fortunately, the deer seem to be okay.’

In total, a herd of six deer were involved in the incident, and all appeared unhurt. 

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Other deer also slid along the concrete having noticed the garage door ahead 

Luckily none of the animals appeared to be harmed despite their distressing ordeal

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