Death threats of Russian who sold Harry & Meg $14.7m Montecito home

EXCLUSIVE – ‘I’ll make your son an orphan’: Ex-lover of ‘Scarface’ Russian tycoon who sold his $14.7m Montecito home to Harry and Meghan tells of his terrifying threats

  • The Sussexes bought Russian businessman Sergey Grishin’s sprawling 14,563-sqft Californian home in June
  • Grishin sold the royals his seven-bedroom property set in 5.4 acres for a heavy discount, having previously asked $66m for it three years earlier  
  • The tycoon made his money as co-owner of the Rosevrobank and claimed he brought the Russian bank system to its knees in the 1990s by committing a $60bn fraud
  • Grishin is dubbed ‘Scarface’ because he owned another mansion where the 1983 Al Pacino movie was filmed 
  • Now Grishin’s ex-lover Ekaterina Loginova has told of his chilling threats when she ended their relationship

The Russian banking tycoon who sold Harry and Meghan their Californian dream home left his girlfriend fearing for her life following a series of terrifying threats, she claims.

So-called ‘Scarface Oligarch’ Sergey Grishin, 54, who the Royal couple paid $14,650,000 for his luxury mansion in June, is accused of issuing a series of chilling threats to his former lover Ekaterina Loginova, 30, when she left him, which included getting her jailed, making her child an ‘orphan’. 

‘To flee is not a solution…because I will be looking [for you] always and everywhere,’ he is said to have told the glamour model in a terrifying video.

Russian banking tycoon Sergey Grishin, 54, the man who sold his Californian mansion to Harry and Meghan in a cut-price deal for $14,650,000, which was finalised on June 18, is pictured with his former lover Ekaterina Loginova, 30, before their split

Glamorous Ekaterina says she briefly lived in the sprawling 14,563-sqft Californian home in 2018, moving in with her mother and son for weekends and holidays after beginning a relationship with Grishin, who is said to be worth at least $500m

Harry and Meghan’s $14.7million home features nine bedrooms and 16 bathrooms along with a games room, gym, tennis courts and tea house. The mansion, known as ‘The Chateau’, was built in 2003 and previously sold for $25million in 2009

The home sits on a private road in a secluded and leafy, gated estate outside Montecito, Southern California, an affluent town where homeowners include Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Ariana Grande and a number of high net worth individuals 

The Sussexes, who secured a $9.5m mortgage to buy their sprawling 5.4-acre estate, have been living there for eight weeks 

And in other messages she received said: ‘You will be literally ripped into pieces’ and in another message sent 30 minutes later she was warned her then eight-month-old son Mark would ‘end up in an orphanage’.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Ms Loginova wondered how much the Duke and Duchess of Sussex knew about the former owner of the Chateau of Riven Rock in Santa Barbara before the sale.

‘I like Meghan and Harry – they do not deserve any such problems,’ said the model.

‘I was just shocked they did not check the seller before the transaction.’

Ekaterina ended her relationship with Grishin and moved to Moscow in June 2018 when she overheard him threatening his estranged wife Anna Fedoseeva during their divorce row

Grishin is a Russian-American billionaire entrepreneur who was president and chairman of the RosEvro Group. 

Nicknamed the ‘Scarface oligarch’ due to his earlier purchase of the ‘Scarface’ estate – where Tony Montana got blown to bits and Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein also stayed – he made several videos on his private Gulfstream jet which purported to confess to involvement to financial machinations in the Reds-to-Riches 1990s in Russia.

Grishin co-owned the Rosevrobank and claimed that he committed ‘the largest bank fraud scheme ever’, orchestrating a $60 billion heist from the Russian Central Bank.

He said he wanted to explain how ‘a single person like me can cause the collapse of the Russian banking system’, apparently as a come-on to the US authorities. 

In one video filmed on his jet, he claimed he made Russian bankers use a Polish-designed pen to write cheques for $2million. 

The special ink could then be made to vanish, allowing him to rewrite the cheque for $250million, he claimed.

This scam was earlier blamed on the Chechen mafia, he claimed.

The larger alleged robbery involved financial manipulations via Estonia at the time when the Soviet Union was collapsing into chaos, he said.

‘Many people think that Chechens came up with a scheme with an advice. This is not true. I invented it. I stole a lot in Estonia and Russia. It was the largest fraud scheme, because no one knew exactly how much money was stolen,’ he added.

Grishin has praised Trump and his slogan about making America great again, but made clear he wanted a US passport because: ‘I want to be safe.

‘I am kind of under fire right now by the criminal world of Russia…by the top government officials of Russia, too. ‘

Grishin spent ten years living in the house situated in the exclusive enclave in Santa Barbara.

He sold the seven-acre site, complete with pool, tennis court, guest quarters and stunning main house, to the Sussexes for a heavy discount, having previously asked £26million three years earlier.

Ekaterina briefly became chatelaine of Riven Rock in 2018, moving in with her mother and son for weekends and holidays after beginning a relationship with billionaire Grishin. 

Ekaterina said Grishin bombarded her with threats in which she was warned he would ‘rip her to pieces’, making her young son an orphan is he continued to humiliate her after she walked out on him, she claimed to MailOnline

Ekaterina said the businessman invited her to live with him in the US, along with her son and mother, Olga Frolkina, 58 (above)

At first, she thought it was a dream come true, she told MailOnline in her first interview.

‘People said that this only happened in fairy tales, when the princess is waiting for the prince who will save her from the dragon, propose to her, and live happily ever after,’ she said.

Their lives were split between two homes: Riven Rock was used at weekends and to entertain friends including movie stars – who she declined to name, and a penthouse in Los Angeles.

The couple met through mutual friends, and within weeks, to her astonishment, Grishin proposed, inviting her to live with him in the States, along with her son and mother, Olga ‘Olya’ Frolkina, 58, pictured in the – now – royal mansion in California.

‘My mother liked him a lot,’ she admitted. ‘He was so very kind and treated her very gallantly.

But things turned sour in June 2018 when Ekaterina overheard a furious row between Grishin and his estranged wife Anna Fedoseeva, who claims he made threats to during their messy divorce. 

She decided to break off the relationship and leave the US. 

But the model herself soon faced threats back in Moscow that left her fearing for her life, as she says Grishin portrayed himself as the Devil.

She says he told her: ‘All I wanted was a family and a child. I did not touch anyone. Are you done humiliating me? Now it’s my turn! The Devil will rise and he will render his justice.’  

The palatial residence, set in 10 acres, was originally put on the market in May 2014 for $36million, but was sold for much less

She claimed: ‘He was furious and he could not stop talking about how he would destroy Anna’s life. I was really scared.

‘I understood that I needed to save myself, my little baby, and my mother. We packed our bags and left for Moscow.’

She says she was then subjected to a barrage of online abuse and threats including the rambling video berating her and others who he felt betrayed him.

Grishin (above) is a Russian-American entrepreneur who was president and chairman of the RosEvro Group

They would end up in the ‘underworld’, he threatened.

‘You are now dealing with [the Devil] and he will come for you… It will happen this year already. No later.’

He threatened she would be jailed in Russia over an alleged theft of more than $100,000 from his Los Angeles safe for which she says investigators found no evidence.

He is accused of taunting her with having worked as a webcam model, saying she should now become employed as a sex worker.

In one video she says he said: ‘So it’s time to get back to the sex industry, my dear Katya. It’s good money. Although not for too long.

‘And you, Rita, have to join her. It would be fun – two girls.

‘People love lesbians. Nothing new to you.’

In another video she says he told her: ‘You are telling me that you are scared of me? I always told you I have three identities. A little boy, adult man, and a masked person, Voland [the Devil].’

Today Ekaterina says: ‘I am still afraid of him. For more than six months I was not able to leave my home.

‘I could not sleep well, I got up at 6am every day and received threats on my messenger.’

Grishin failed to provide a comment for publication on the allegations, which he is understood to deny.  

Grishin has been involved in a long-running divorce with his ex-wife Anna Fedoseeva (together). She claims that he is a ‘dangerous man’ who destroyed her life, saying he held a gun to her head and knocked her teeth out during their marriage

A spokesman for Grishin said he was ‘the unfortunate victim of a fraud’ perpetrated by his former wife ‘in respect of which he has been obliged to file legal proceedings against her’. 

He is believed to stand by his claim that Loginova stole around $130,000 from him in Los Angeles, despite her strong denials. 

He has questioned her motives in making allegations against him, it is understood.

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