Collection of deodorant causes giant explosion, nearly killing woman

Woman’s huge collection of deodorant cans causes giant explosion, nearly killing her

  • A German woman’s collection of deodorant cans ignited and nearly killed her 
  • German cops in Oberhausen are trying to figure out how the cans were lit
  • The woman is responsive, but suffered serious burns during the incident 

A woman has reportedly suffered serious burn injuries after her hoard of deodorant cans ignited and caused a huge explosion in her apartment. 

Residents of a high-rise building in Oberhausen, in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, were jolted awake on Friday night as a deafening noise came from the fifth floor of the block of flats. 

Windows in several rooms were blown out, causing glass splinters to be shot towards a car park 100ft away, damaging several cars. 

On top of this, several other flats inside the building were damaged, as well as a stairwell. 

One mother told German newspaper Bild that the explosion tore a huge hole in her kitchen wall and thrown out insulating material.  

A massive hole was torn in her neighbour’s kitchen

The explosion also tore through part of a plaster wall in the block of flats

Emergency services were called to the building, and firefighters determined that the explosion was caused by the ignition of propellant gas found in deodorant cans. 

They initially believed that a thermal bath had exploded, but quickly figured out that the building had no gas heaters.  

Police and the public prosecutor’s office have not yet determined exactly how or why the gas was ignited.  

They have boarded up the flat with chipboard. 

The woman, known only as Melissa G. due to Germany’s privacy laws, is reportedly responsive but not yet ready for questioning. 

Her boyfriend, known only as Jonathan G. was physically unharmed during the incident. 

Their neighbours painted a picture of a lonesome couple that kept themselves to themselves. 

One fellow tenant said: ‘They are strange loners, didn’t say hello and often seemed absent. There was often drama in the apartment at night.’

Firefighters have since said that despite the extensive damage to the building and neighbouring flats, it is safe for tenants to return to their homes.  

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