Chilling moment Taliban militants LAUGH & tell crew to 'stop filming' as female interviewer asks about women's rights

THIS is the chilling moment Taliban thugs laughed and told crew to "stop filming" after a female interviewer asked about women's rights.

Dozens of women have taken to the streets in Afghanistan in recent days, urging the new government to uphold women's rights following the ruthless Taliban takeover.

And footage from a Vice documentary has revealed the moment a female correspondent asked four Taliban fighters about the future of women's rights in the war-torn country.

The woman asked whether a new Taliban government would include "women's rights and democracy".

One of the men replied: "Rights would adhere to Sharia law."

But smirks spread across the faces of the group when the woman asked whether Afghans would be allowed to vote female politicians into the new government.

While chuckling to the camera and holding his head in his hands, one of the militants told the cameraman: "Stop filming. Stop it."

The camera pans away from the group to the ground – but the audio remains on.

One of the group can be heard saying: "It made me laugh."

The footage, shared on Reddit, was filmed in February before the Taliban took over the nation last month.

Friba Kabrzani, an organiser of the protest in front of the governor's office in western Herat province, said women should have political participation in the new government.

"Afghan women have made many sacrifices over the past 20 years to achieve what they have," she said.

"We want the world to hear us and we want our rights to be saved."

Kabrzani said some local families did not allow women to join the march over fears for their safety, after the ultra-conservative Taliban religious militia took control of the country last month.

The Taliban has been trying to convince the world it would be more tolerant towards women than when they were last in power.

We want the world to hear us and we want our rights to be saved.

Protester Maryam Ebram said the Taliban were giving "beautiful speeches" on television – but there have been abuses of power in public spaces.

"We have witnessed them beating women again," she said. "We will not sit quiet as Taliban wants us to."

It comes after the Taliban warned women not to go out to work as militants now ruling the streets need "equality training" to know how to speak to them.

The jihadi militants have already promised to reinstate Sharia law.

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said women should stay at home because "our security forces are not trained in how to deal with women" or "how to speak to them".

Mujahid said the restrictions would be "temporary" and the moves were to protect the safety of women.

During the last reign between 1996 and 2001, the extremists banned women from the workplace, stopped them from leaving the home unaccompanied by a man and forced them to cover their entire bodies.

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