Census 2021: What to do if I have lost or not received my form

THE Census is a survey that takes place every ten years – and the next one has to be completed on SUNDAY (March 21, 2021)

The census is a questionnaire about your household, property and employment – but with the deadline fast approaching, what can you do if you lose your form?

What can I do if I haven't received my census?

If you haven’t received your letter and you live in England or Wales, don’t panic – you can complete the form online.

You can request an online access code via the census.gov.uk website and fill it out there.1

But you must act quickly as the deadline of Sunday March 21, 2021 is within a matter of days.

What to do if I've lost my census?

If you have lost your census form, the best thing to do is obtain a unique access code in order to login to your census account online.

The unique 16-digit code will be printed on the letter sent to you by Census UK.

You can request a new access code to start a new census if you’ve lost or not received a code in the post.

This can be sent out to you either via text message or by post.

A new access code, however, will start a new census which means any questions previously answered you will lose.

If you haven't heard from the ONS by March 21, you can contact them via census.gov.uk to ask for your unique code.

When do I have to complete the census?

The next census will take place this year on Sunday, March 21.

Everyone will have to fill in the same survey at the same time.

It is understood that in 94 per cent of people took part in the 2011 cencus.

Guidelines on the official website claim the cencus 'should take about 10 minutes for the household questions and 10 minutes per person'.

It is against the law to ignore a census, and you can be fined up to £1,000 if you do not participate, or give false information.

In late March and early April, census field officers may visit your household if you don’t submit a form.

Their job is to encourage you to complete it and show you how to get further help if you need it.

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