‘Cannibal’ son ‘cut mum into 1,000 pieces, stashed them in lunch boxes and shared her with his dog’

A 'CANNIBAL' son is accused of cutting his mum into 1,000 pieces then stashing them in lunch boxes and sharing them with his dog.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, 28, is facing more than 15 years in prison if found guilty of killing Maria Soledad Gomez, 68, and dismembering her after a row.

The jobless waiter told police who arrested him at their flat in Madrid, Spain, in February 2019, that he had been eating her “bit by bit” with his pet dog over a fortnight.

Detectives found parts of tragic Soledad’s remains in Tupperware containers in their fridge and bones in drawers around the family home – an apartment near the Spanish capital’s famous Las Ventas bullring.

Local reports at the time said her body had been cut up into more than 1,000 tiny pieces.

At the start of his trial today, Alberto admitted to hearing “hidden messages” when he watched TV and voices telling him: "Kill your mum."

He told Madrid’s Audiencia Provincial court that the voices were those of neighbours, acquaintances and celebrities.

But he insisted he didn’t remember cutting up his mum or eating her remains after a worried friend who hadn’t seen her for a month raised the alarm.

Officers who got him to open the door of the apartment they shared are said to have received the response, “yes, my mother is in here, dead” when they asked after the OAP.

Sanchez Gomez allegedly added after letting them into his home: “Me and the dog have been eating her bit by bit.”

State prosecutors, in an indictment submitted to the court ahead of the trial, accused the defendant of strangling his mum after an argument at the end of January or beginning of February 2019

Police went to the flat on February 21 that year.

The indictment says: “The accused then transferred his mum’s body to the bedroom and put it on the bed with the aim of making her body disappear.

“To do that he cut her up using a carpenter’s saw and two kitchen knives.

“Once he had cut her body up he would eat bits of it from time to time over a period of around a fortnight, putting some of the parts of her body in Tupperware containers around the apartment and in the fridge and throwing others away in plastic bags.”

The results of psychiatric tests on the defendant are expected to be outlined later in the trial.


As well as a 15-year five-month prison sentence, prosecutors want Sanchez Gomez to compensate an older brother with 90,000 euros (£77,000) for his mum’s loss if he is found guilty of homicide and desecrating a corpse.

The defendant, whose cabinet-maker dad died when he was 15, has been held on remand in prison since his arrest.

Neighbours are believed to have told investigators they often heard raised voices coming from the flat and would frequently see police and paramedics there.

In letters he wrote from prison, which were published in Spanish press last month, Alberto said: “I can’t stop thinking about what happened.

“I’d been ill for a long time and I took refuge in drugs.

“I’d been hearing voices for a long time and having hallucinations. All this led me to the worst thing that’s happened in my life.”

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