British backpacker, 23, bravely reveals how tattooed beast kidnapped and raped her during 900-mile Australian road trip – The Sun

A BRIT backpacker has spoken about how she was raped then kidnapped and forced to drive at gun point hundreds of miles through the Australian outback by a face tattooed “psycho”.

Elisha Greer’s backpacking adventure in Australia outback turned into a nightmare at the hands of Marcus Martin.

The now 23-year-old Elisha, from Liverpool, was on a road-trip through Queensland when she met Martin, 24, at an Australia Day celebration in Cairns in January 2017.

Heavily tattooed Martin and Elisha hit it off at the party, and decided to start a road-trip together but he raped her in a hotel room in Cairns in February.

She was then held captive at gunpoint Martin for a terrifying two months while the pair travelled more than 900 miles through the outback.

Elisha has spoken about her ordeal to Channel 7’s Sunday Night programme and said  at first Martin “seemed fun” and “didn’t seem like a psycho”.

“He just seemed like a nice guy, and I just chatted away to him. He seemed fun,” she told the programme.

“He didn’t seem like a psycho, to say the least. He just seemed like a normal guy at the time.”

But she said: "He was crazy. Completely and utterly crazy.”

According to the programme, the relationship became abusive when Martin, who was high on ice, got a room at the Colonial Club in Cairns.

“He started hitting me. Just hitting me and hitting me and hitting me,” said Elisha.

“He wrecked the whole room, punched through the cupboards. He flipped the beds around. I thought he would kill me.”

He started hitting me. Just hitting me and hitting me and hitting me

Elisha was forced into his car and had her passport damaged to dissuade her from escaping.

“I was forced to drive the car with a gun to my head,” she explained of the two month road-trip, believing Mr Martin would eventually kill her.

She was driving in Mitchell, south central Queensland, when she stopped at a petrol station to fill up the car.

But a petrol station attendant noticed something was wrong with Elisha and called police.

The assistant claimed Ms Greer had been “in a state of shock” and “zombie-like” as she came in to the petrol station, and eventually drove off without paying for the tank of fuel.

While driving away, Elisha was pulled over by police officers and they found her distraught and badly beaten at the wheel with her captor hiding in the back of the vehicle.


Martin, who pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one count of deprivation of liberty at the Cairns District Court in north Queensland in October 2018, will be sentenced on May 28.

He had previously pleaded guilty to other charges, including assault occasioning bodily harm, wilful damage, and strangulation or choking.

Prosecutors dropped 10 other charges – eight of rape, one of serious cruelty to animals, and one of torture.

Martin earlier pleaded guilty to supplying dangerous drugs, wilful damage, assault occasioning bodily harm and choking or strangulation.

Elisha said she doesn’t want to be known as a victim after what happened to her, but rather a survivor of abuse and an inspiration to others.


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“I don’t won’t people thinking I am a victim when I’m not,” she told

“I just want people to know it’s okay…that being a victim isn’t the end of everything and that everyone can get through something. I want people to know that it’s not the end for them.”

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