Armed robber shoots at two staff during botched raid on a gold store

Moment bungling armed robber shoots through locked glass door to escape jewellery store after opening fire at two assistants in botched raid

  • The man robbed the gold shop in Nakon Si Thammarat, Thailand, this week 
  • Moments after inspecting a necklace, the man opened fire on two workers 
  • He tried to flee and was forced to shoot through a glass door which was locked  

This is the moment an armed robber blasted his way out of a jewellery shop in Thailand after opening fire on two counter assistants during a botched robbery attempt. 

The man, who was wearing a Covid mask, was talking to women behind the counter of the gold store in Nakon Si Thammarat, Thailand. 

CCTV footage shows him asking to inspect a gold necklace before pulling out his gun on the workers.  

This is the moment a man holds up a gold store in Nakon Si Thammarat, Thailand

The man fired several rounds at the members of staff who retreated when they saw the gun

The man shot his way through the locked glass door so he could escape from the store

The suspect opens fire on the two staff members but they managed to trip emergency security devices. 

They run into a back room, leaving the raider on his own in the shop. 

However, as he tries to flee he realises he has been locked in by the security device.

The footage shows the man desperately trying to open the glass door and hitting it with his gun. 

He then reloads his small silver pistol, points it at the lock and fires several more rounds. 

The glass shatters and he smashes through it to escape the store. 

It is believed the suspect managed to escape before police arrived at the scene.  

It is not known whether either of the staff members were injured by the gunman.  

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