Air France jet en route to Mumbai makes emergency landing in Iran

An Air France jet made an emergency landing in Iran on Wednesday, according to reports.

The Airbus A340 briefly vanished from radar when it unexpectedly descended over the city of Isfahan, then re-appeared and landed at the local airport, according to The Sun.

The plane, Flight 218, was en route from Paris to Mumbai at the time, the Sun said.

In a statement, Air France said the plane “landed normally” at 5 p.m. Paris time “following a malfunction of the ventilation system.”

The airline called the move “precautionary” and said it was “in line with the manufacturer’s procedures.”

Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency quoted an airport official as saying “all 267 on board are safe and sound.”

It was unclear when the passengers and crew would be able to leave Iran, or if there were any Americans on the plane.

The emergency landing came amid rising tensions between the US and Iran, and the State Department told Fox News that it was “closely monitoring” the situation.

Earlier Wednesday, Iran said it would stop complying with parts of its 2015 nuclear disarmament deal.

The move came after the White House sent a Navy carrier task force and Air Force bombers to the region in response to what officials said was fresh intelligence suggesting Iranian security forces might launch attacks on US forces or allies.

In April, the State Department issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory, its most serious, warning Americans not to visit Iran due to “a very high risk of kidnapping, arrest, and detention” on suspicion of spying.

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