X Factor star Danny Tetley caught snorting massive line of cocaine as he ‘treats’ himself after ‘working his arse off’

X FACTOR star Danny Tetley has been caught on camera snorting a massive line of cocaine as he "treats himself after working his arse off."

The 37-year-old reached the semi-finals of the 2018 series of The X Factor, having first auditioned for Pop Idol 17 years previously.

In a video obtained by The Sun Online, Danny, who had Robbie Williams' wife Ayda Field as his mentor, can be seen sitting at a glass topped table with a long line of cocaine in front of him.

There are a number of other small bags of the class A drug on the table top.

As a pal filmed him, he said: "Don't point the finger, unless your hands are really clean.

"I've worked my a** off for everything that I've got, but THIS is how I enjoy my time after working my f***ing arse off."

Danny, who could barely sit still, then said: "I've got me powder…" before scratching his head and shuffling in his chair.

He continued: "Biggest line here, world record for me."

He then snorted the line, before flinging his head back, shaking it and then puffing out his chest.

The devastated singer told us: “I am not going to try to attempt to defend this video, it is something I am not proud of. I take full responsibility for my actions and I would encourage anybody battling their demons to seek professional help.”

“I have always been open about my past and I only hope that I am able to turn a negative into a positive, by trying to encourage those who see this video to seek help.”

“I am heart-broken to learn that people I considered to be close friends have betrayed my trust and friendship. As I prepare to go into recovery, I will be re-evaluating my friendships and who I can trust to support me.”

A source close to the star claimed the video was filmed earlier this year, after Danny finished in fourth place on The X Factor in December.

The source said: “He isn’t proud of the video and it’s upsetting that so called friends have taken advantage of his ongoing battle in order to benefit themselves.”

“Danny is devastated that those closest to him have betrayed his trust. It’s making him question a lot of things right now.”

“The people around him are worried that this video will be a major a set-back for Danny. It’s not a recent video, so it’s bound to affect him in some way. He’s trying to turn his life around, so everyone hopes he will continue with his therapy and recovery.”

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