Who is Doctor Grace Confalone on NCIS cast? Actress Laura San Giacomo guest stars

Actress Laura San Giacomo returns to the NCIS cast as Doctor Grace Confalone in an all-new episode of the show. She last appeared in the 2018 episode “Two Steps Back” and returns for Season 16, episode 23 tonight.

The new episode is titled “Lost Time” and has Gibbs (Mark Harmon) turning to her for advice. CBS advertised Gibbs is going to unravel and abandon his team at a crime scene investigation. That moment was heavily hinted in the preview for the new episode (shared below).

The primary focus of the NCIS team during “Lost Time” is an investigation into the murder of a Marine Sergeant in the States who was hailed as a war hero for his efforts overseas.

In addition to Laura San Giacomo and Mark Harmon, the NCIS cast will include Sean Murray (McGee), Emily Wickersham (Bishop), Maria Bello (Sloane), Brian Dietzen (Dr. Jimmy Palmer), Diona Reasonover (Kasie), Rocky Carroll (Vance), and David McCallum (Ducky).

Who is Doctor Grace Confalone on NCIS cast?

Actress Laura San Giacomo has been seen on television and in the movies for years. That goes well beyond her time as a member of the NCIS cast, which stretches back to her first appearance in 2016.

San Giacomo also played Kit De Luca in Pretty Woman, Cora in Quigley Down Under, Rhetta Rodriguez on Saving Grace, and starred as Maya Gallo on Just Shoot Me! She also had a pivotal role in the 1994 version of The Stand (Stephen King mini-series).

Bringing Laura San Giacomo back to the NCIS cast suggests that it’s going to be a rough episode for NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. To be honest, it has been a difficult season for the character.

His former fiance was killed, his team had some very personal problems, and even a former character Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) had an important story arc.

The NCIS season finale is also coming up, with a big episode planned for May 21. Fans do not want to miss the conclusion to Season 16.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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