'Virgin River': 5 Reasons the Netflix Series Makes the Coziest Fall Binge

Virgin River quietly premiered on Netflix back in 2019, and the series has gone on to become one of the streamer’s most-loved originals to date. Fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Virgin River Season 4, which is slated for sometime in 2022. Those who haven’t dived into the dramatic life of Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) might want to consider adding the show to their queue for the fall season. Here’s why Virgin River makes the coziest autumn binge.

‘Virgin River’ is about starting over

Autumn is all about starting over, and as it turns out, so is Virgin River. The Netflix series opens with nurse practitioner Mel Monroe packing up her life and moving to a small town in North Carolina. Her journey to Virgin River marks a huge change from her city life. However, it’s exactly what Mel needs.

It’s clear from the beginning that Mel is running away from her past, and viewers will come to understand her reasoning. She needs a fresh start somewhere new, and that makes her tale ideal for the fall season. After all, this time of year is all about change. Like Mel, the Earth needs to embrace endings before transitioning into new beginnings.

The Netflix show has a stunning backdrop

The town of Virgin River is essentially in the middle of nowhere, but that means one thing for Netflix subscribers who pick it up: stunning views. Whether you’re checking out the trailer, looking at promotional images, or actually starting the series, you’ll immediately notice the scenic backdrop. Those who love seeing mountains, trees, and bodies of water will find Virgin River a satisfying and soothing series.

And let’s be honest, autumn is one of the best times to appreciate nature — both on-screen and off. The landscapes visible throughout the show will lull viewers as they watch. And that’s not the only aspect of the series that will have that effect.

The score of ‘Virgin River’ is so soothing

That’s right, the scenery isn’t the only soothing aspect of Netflix’s Virgin River. The show also offers a soundtrack that’s as calming as the sights. Viewers who associate fall with peaceful, relaxing vibes will no doubt welcome more of them via the show’s score. The music will transport those watching to the country — and to the peaceful mindset that Mel is searching for in season 1.

It gives off the same small-town vibes as ‘Gilmore Girls’

Virgin River is a very different show than Gilmore Girls, but the Netflix series gives off the same small-town vibes. Since it’s set in a place where everyone knows one another, it offers all the charm of a small town. It’s just a little more serious and emotional than Gilmore Girls.

Still, small towns and fall go hand in hand — just another reason autumn is the perfect time to watch Virgin River. By the time you’re done with the first three seasons, you’ll be looking for a getaway to someplace like Mel’s new home.

‘Virgin River’ is a nice break from Spooky Season suspense

Fall is usually touted as Spooky Season, and many of the popular releases people binge land in the horror and thriller categories. Virgin River offers a nice break from all the suspense, even with the difficult subjects it often covers. Despite the drama and the show’s focus on grief, it has an underlying hope that’s difficult to ignore. Add in how peaceful it feels to watch and it will balance your Halloween movie marathons nicely.

The first three seasons of Virgin River are currently streaming on Netflix.

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