Vikings season 6 part 2: What happened to Lucy Martin as Ingrid? Will she return?

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Vikings season six part two will be the final instalment in the epic saga and viewers will be sad to see the historical drama come to an end. Ingrid is played by Lucy Martin and she is the wife of Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig), and when viewers last saw her she was caught up in the Rus battle. Fans are keen to find out what happened to her and whether she will be returning for the second half of season six.

What happened to Lucy Martin as Ingrid in Vikings?

Ingrid was introduced in season six of Vikings as a resident of Kattegat, where Bjorn Ironside was king.

At this point, Bjorn was married to brave shieldmaiden Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars), but he started to develop feelings for Ingrid and they began seeing each other in secret.

Gunnhild ended up catching the pair together and she was heartbroken, although she suggested Bjorn should take Ingrid as his second wife to make him happy.

Bjorn ended up marrying Ingrid, and his relationship with Gunnhild started to weaken, but she continued to see him as a strong king.

After Ingrid married Bjorn she caught the eye of King Harald (Peter Franzén), who attempted to win her for himself.

When Ingrid refused him, Harald sexually assaulted her, and she was last seen looking lost in the middle of the Rus battle against Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky) and Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen).

Harald had tried to convince Ingrid to leave Bjorn so she could marry him and become the queen of Norway, but she turned him down.

She was standing near some water and some fans wondered whether she would return after she collapsed in Olaf’s (Steven Berkoff) arms.

As her character has not yet been killed off in the series, she is likely to return in season six, part B, amid the battle.

Some people believe she may be forced to marry Harald, with Bjorn left incapacitated after being stabbed by Ivar during the intense fight.

The star has confirmed she is still a part of the series on her Instagram account, which says: “Currently playing Ingrid on @historyvikings.”

She shared a few photos of herself as Ingrid in the final moments of the first half of season six, and her character is wearing a crown made out of leaves – the same one she wore for her wedding.

The star also shared a photo of herself in her wedding costume, with the message: “Happy in my wedding dress”.

Although fans love her character, they were gutted to see her marry Bjorn, leaving Gunnhild feeling heartbroken as she watched her husband with another woman.

One fan said on Instagram: “This can’t be happening, is it all true?!”, but others have praised her for her role, with one saying: “Can’t wait for the final episodes !!! Your an amazing actress I hope you have an amazing career after this !!! [sic].”

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Actress Martin has not given anything away about when the final episodes will be released, or what sort of role she will play in them.

Fans have shared their thoughts on her final moments in the first half of season six, with one saying on Reddit: “At first I didn’t like Ingrid at all because of Bjorn cheating on Gunnhild but after that episode I feel so bad for her. Olaf is one of my favourite characters. Him comforting her was so sweet.”

As Ingrid is not a shieldmaiden like Gunnhild, she is likely to keep as far away from the battle as possible. This means her character will most likely feature in an alternate story which will run alongside the Rus battle.

She may be seen tending to Bjorn’s wounds after he was stabbed, as it has since been confirmed he survived the blow and will return in the new episodes.

Her character is likely to run into Harald again, and there is a chance if he survived the battle, Olaf will make him pay for what he did to her.

Some fans believe both Ingrid and Gunnhild will end up marrying Harald in the second half of season six, as he is known to take what Bjorn has.

Viewers have been keeping up to date with Martin’s Instagram posts and they are hoping she was able to recover from her ordeal with Harald.

One fan said: “Man the episode was sad, but you did get some pretty nice lines! Waiting for more! Cheers.”

The star liked a comment from one fan which said: “See you again, final season this December” which suggests she will be back.

The December release date has not yet been confirmed, but fans are hoping the final episodes will be released before the end of the year.

Vikings airs on History and Prime Video

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