‘Upset’ Les Dennis rages after he’s accused of being racist on Family Fortunes

Telly star Les Dennis is fuming that the woke mob have accused him of being racist when he was the host of Family Fortunes back in the day.

The 67-year-old star, who fronted the hugely popular ITV programme from 1987 until 2002, was always proud of the diverse range of families he had on the gameshow and was horrified to discover videos posted on YouTube claiming he mocked contestants with racist jokes.

One upload is titled “Racist Family Fortunes” and features the Brown family, who are all black, and has attracted almost 50,000 views, claiming Les deliberately ridiculed them over their race.

Les is disgusted his legacy as an inclusive presenter is being tarnished by PC prats who are offended by everything.

He fumed: “I was very proud that at that time – I think it was (race equality expert) Trevor Phillips that said it – we were the most diverse game show on television and we really had that mixture of families from the fantastic multicultural UK that we have.”

He added to Behind the Scenes with Colin Edmonds podcast: “Something that has made me very upset, on YouTube there’s an episode that says ‘Racist Family Fortunes’, somebody has posted it and people are looking at it.

“When you look at it, it’s because the family were called the Brown Family and it is suggested that we were being racist and we picked that family to have a joke and of course it wasn’t that and I think whoever posted that I hope he can sleep at night.”

ITV brought back the show last year with telly chef Gino D’Acampo hosting.

Les also hit out at the remake, as he told The Sun: "It’s a different show now, it runs an hour, we were only half an hour.

"I think that it’s quite long at an hour. I think to keep on it needs to be tighter.

"ITV haven’t served Gino well there."

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