This Morning’s Dr Ranj gets a HIV test live on air to prove how easy it is

Dr Ranj Singh took a HIV test live on Thursday's episode of This Morning to prove how quick and easy it is.

The TV doctor, 40, was on the ITV chat show to discuss the worrying news that HIV rates are rising rapidly amongst middle aged women.

Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were introducing what was coming up in the show when the camera panned to Ranj, who was taking the test in another part of the studio.

He said: "Good morning we're going to be talking about HIV testing, why it's important to get tested and treated ASAP if you're HIV positive.

"I'm just doing a quick test right now to show you how quick and easy it is.

"Literally that will give me a result within a few minutes."

He had taken some blood from the tip of his finger before putting a testing strip in it and waiting for the results.

The test appeared to take Holly by surprise.

She said: "Wow that's incredible! Thank you Ranj."

Earlier this week it was revealed that HIV rates are rising among middle-aged women in England because of unprotected sex.

The number of women in that age group of who need HIV treatment has risen five times higher in the last decade.

Women this age are less likely to use condoms as they may be going through, or have already been through, the menopause, which means they're unlikely to get pregnant.

But they're still vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections.

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