This Morning deny axing resident psychologist Emma Kenny after anti-lockdown tweets

This Morning has denied that Emma Kenny has been dropped from the ITV show after it was widely reported she’d been let go over her tweets about coronavirus.

It had been claimed the presenter, who makes regular appearances as the show’s psychologist and offers her expert advice to viewers during phone-ins and various health segments, had been axed after tweeting anti-lockdown posts.

However, this has been strongly rebuked by Emma and ITV.

A spokesperson for This Morning told ‘Emma Kenny is one of a host of expert contributors we continue to feature on the show.’

Emma also told her Twitter followers: ‘Well I’ve made the papers for no reason, but just to make it clear I’ve just signed a new contract with This Morning and count the staff and many presenters as friends.

‘Thanks for the messages of support. Xxxxxx.’

It had been reported that Emma was axed from the acclaimed daytime programme for her stance on the lockdown measures.

Last week, she had tweeted: ‘I don’t want anyone to die, but the studies that are out state that lockdown are doing more harm than good.

‘If you want to protect the NHS you will go down the path that does the most good. This would involve listening to the research. Why are we not listening?’

The Mail Online claimed This Morning bosses faced criticism for allowing Emma to continue as the show’s resident expert while ‘failing to act over her off-screen comments’.

One source told the publication: ‘Those at the top put up with it for a few months but it got to the point where the backlash was too much.’

In November, Emma sparked outrage after she claimed she would not abide by the Government’s restrictions and suggested she would have parties and see her friends.

In a now-deleted post, she wrote: ‘Just want to check in with you @BorisJohnson and @MattHancock just to politely inform you that I’m declining your Tiers because you have no evidence to base them on! The law of the land must be based on the interests of the population. I’m taking back my kids futures [sic].’

A follower then asked: ‘I genuinely want to know what it is that you won’t be complying with and how? How do we fight this if we choose to? Do you think shops and pubs will take the risk of fines Wondering what the best course of action is, as I’m sure many others are too.’

A self-proclaimed lockdown sceptic, Kenny has cited the effect on people’s mental health that restrictions have as her reason to ignore the rules.

In previous tweets, she wrote: ‘2020 the year freedom was removed, sick people were told to stay away from hospital,  millions were paid to stay home, whilst more were left to starve, and where critical thought was no longer allowed, because the tech giants think you’re all too thick to think for  yourself!’

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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