‘This is amazing!’ Antiques Road Trip expert stunned by chocolate box’s enormous profit

Antiques Road Trip: Chocolate box sells for massive profit

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Izzie Balmer and Tim Medhurst were hunting for valuable antiques in Wales on Wednesday’s episode of BBC’s Antiques Road Trip. The duo searched several antique shops in the hope of finding interesting items they could turn a profit on at auction. Tim came across a 100-year-old chocolate box in one store but was stunned to see how much it eventually sold for.

Tim was wandering around an antique shop when an old box caught his eye.

As he knelt down to take a closer look, Tim exclaimed: “Oh I’m loving this. Look at that. How unusual.

“It’s a chocolate and cocoa specimens chest basically and in here there’s all the different types of cocoa in their original forms in little trays all labelled.

“Look, cocoa shells, eating chocolate, cocoa nibs, and look there’s cocoa essence as well so like a powder of cocoa.”

“I wonder if you could make a hot chocolate with that? It smells like chocolate,” he remarked, giving the box a sniff.

The antique expert continued: “Isn’t that amazing, that still smells like chocolate and this is probably 1920’s.

“But, for me, the best thing about this whole box is that wonderful bit of artwork at the back. That great bit of advertising.”

After having a thorough look at the chocolate box, Tim said: “I’ve never seen one of these before. I think maybe that might be worth taking to an auction.”

He haggled with the shop owner and ended up buying the antique chocolate box for just £30.

Later on in the episode, Tim chatted with Izzie while they watched the item go up for auction.

The antique experts were quickly taken aback when the auctioneer started the bidding at £200.

Tim gasped and commented: “He’s going straight in at 200.”

“280!” Izzie added as she heard the bid on the chocolate box swiftly increasing.

As an offer came in at £360, a stunned Tim said: “No!”

He couldn’t contain his laughter as the bid continued to rise and Izzie said: “This is amazing.”

As the bids reached £700 Tim remarked: “Still going. Oh for goodness sake.”

“Yes! £750,” Tim yelled, as the chocolate box was eventually sold and secured him a huge profit.

“Well done Mr Medhurst,” Izzie said, congratulating her co-star on his successful auction.

The antique expert earned himself a £720 profit from the sale of the 100-year-old chocolate box.

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays at 4:30 pm on BBC One.

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