Theory suggests Mr F could have killed Unsolved Mysteries’ Jennifer Fairgate

On June 3 1995 a young woman was found dead in a hotel room in Oslo with a bullet wound through her head.

Police concluded she had committed suicide, as she was found with a pistol in her hand, and the door was locked from the inside.

But as investigators started delving deeper into the case, it wasn’t as straight forward as it had first seemed – and some believed she had been murdered.

The second episode of Unsolved Mysteries volume two on Netflix, titled A Death in Oslo, takes a closer look at the case of the mysterious woman, who no-one knows the identity of to this day.

The woman had checked in to the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel under the fake name of Jennifer Fairgate.

She had no ID, passport, wallet, and all her labels had been cut off her clothes – and no one reported her missing.

With so little to go by, there are many theories surrounding the death of the mysterious woman.

One theory links her death to another guest staying at the hotel.

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Journalists began calling the Belgian man, who was staying on the same floor as Fairgate, “Mr F”.

Police never questioned Mr F about the case, but journalists tried to get in contact with him many times.

One journalist from Verdens Gang (VG), unsuccessfully tried visiting him in Belgium, but eventually managed to get through via his mobile phone.

Mr F allegedly told the journalist he remembered the death well.

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He explained to VG: “I remember it well because they asked me about it at the front desk when I checked out.

“Someone asked if I had heard or seen anything, since it was in the same corridor.

“But I slept well that night and knew nothing about it.”

However, according to the hotel records, Mr F had checked out of the hotel the morning before the woman was found dead.

According to VG the fact that he checked out almost 12 hours before the Plaza woman was found is “indisputable”.

When Mr F was confronted with this information, he quickly responded: “I don’t know anything about that. I just remember they asked me. That’s all I know.”

VG, who have more questions they would like to ask Mr F, tried several times to contact Mr F again – but were not successful.

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Armchair detectives on Reddit seem to think he is worth investigating.

One user wrote: “I think Mr F needs to be investigated. Especially considering Mr F’s slip up it would match that she died on Friday night.”

One theory is that this hotel guest was somehow involved in the death, as he someone knew about the “suicide” before it was supposed to have happened.

Unsolved Mysteries volume two is streaming on Netflix now

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