'The View' Fans Applaud Ana Navarro for Having Whoopi Goldberg's Back and Clapping Back at Barbara Corcoran

The theme song for The View Season 25 is all about empowering each other and being there for one another. There was no better example of it than on the episode where the Shark Tank cast made an appearance on the show. Investor Barbara Corcoran made a joke at Whoopi Goldberg’s expense that landed flat among the co-hosts. Luckily, the show had Ana Navarro on as a guest co-host who clapped back at Corcoran and fans are living for it.

Ana Navarro throws shade at Barbara Corcoran

When Navarro sits at The View table, viewers know they will get sassiness and a straight-up answer. Navarro is strong with her convictions and above all, she loves her co-hosts. The political commentator showcased that you don’t mess with Goldberg and make a joke at her expense without experiencing her wrath.

As the panel discussed the clothing line co-founded by Emma Grede, Sunny Hostin said that she loved the jeans by Good American.

“Well, I’ll have to try them,” Goldberg added before asking if they would fit her “Covid,” making reference to her behind.

Navarro said that the jeans fit her “Covid” and Goldberg added, “OK. Well, if they fit two Covid butts we’ll be fine.”

Corcoran tried to be funny and said, “And when you are finished with those jeans and you decided that you don’t like them, give them two me. I’m going to make two pairs.”

At this moment, Navarro snapped and fired back at Corcoran saying, “Whoopi, let me just tell you something… When Sara Haines and Jill Biden wore that dress already on TV.”

Navarro ripped up her cards in the talk show version of dropping the mic. She then referenced that Donald Trump Jr. came for her with a fat-shaming joke and “it didn’t work” on her.

Fans give Ana Navarro props for her quick wit

After The View shared a clip on YouTube, fans expressed their happiness about Navarro’s fiery comeback to Corcoran. It was a great instance of the co-hosts uplifting each other instead of tearing each other down as it has done in the past. Comments giving Navarro props for thinking fast on her feet were in order.

“Don’t come for the moderator. Ana is good friends with all of the co-hosts and very close to Whoopi. Ana will call you out in a second if you come for one of the co-hosts, but will really come for you if you mess with Whoopi,” a fan said on YouTube.

“Love Ana. She is so witty as well as intelligent and has a great sense of humor. She’s the type of woman that I would want as a friend because you know she got your back. Kudos to Ana,” a viewer added.

“Ana is the Best Friend Every Woman Needs!!!” a YouTube user noted.

“Ana was like what you won’t do is come for my co-host,” another fan commented.

“Gotta love Anna, my best friend in my head!!!!” another viewer replied.

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