The UK's 'most haunted' pub is on the market for £450,000

The Devil’s Stone Inn is said to be attached to the church by a hidden tunnel.

The pub is currently for sale at an asking price of £450,000 and has a bar, games room, function room, eight letting bedrooms plus owner’s accommodation.

Despite being appararently haunted, the pub is described as a ‘characterful village inn’ compromising of eight letting bedrooms, one private bedroom and a beer garden.

The sales brochure reads: ‘In the heart of the West Devon village of Shebbear on the edge of the village square, the pub is in an eye-catching position which is easily accessible to tourists and locals alike.

‘Shebbear is a thriving village offering a pleasant atmosphere with a historic church, general store/off licence and a private school: Shebbear College.’

A former farmhouse, the pub was converted into a coaching inn 400 years ago.

The brochure continues: ‘The pub is in the heart of the village and is famous for the turning of the stone – namely the ‘Devil Stone’ which is turned on the 5th of November every year.

‘The stone is 6ft x 4ft and is said to weigh a tonne. Legend has it that when the stone is turned the village will be safe from harm in the forthcoming year.

‘The pub is also reputed to have a tunnel from the pub function room to the village church. It is also reputedly one of the most haunted pubs in the United Kingdom.’

On Tripadvisor the Devil’s Stone Inn has a rating of four out of five, and many of the comments are from visitors who went looking for ghosts, but were unsuccessful.

One review reads: ‘An old coaching inn reputed to be haunted which we used as a base for an extended golf weekend’ and is titled simply: ‘We saw no ghosts’.

But apparently, according to the legend, the inn is haunted by a young girl aged around seven years old. She was seen by a student in 1982 staying at the pub, who saw her in his bedroom, accompanied by a grey bearded man.

Another visitor came across her in the upstairs toilet. By all accounts, however, she is considered to be a friendly ghost.

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