The Tourist on BBC: Helen’s fiancé killed as fans tip twisted revenge plot? ‘Needs to go!

The Tourist: Official trailer from the BBC

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Jamie Dornan stars as a man who forgets his entire identity after a near-fatal crash in BBC One’s pulse-racing mystery series. As The Tourist’s search for answers continued, probationary constable Helen Chambers’ (played by Danielle Macdonald) controlling partner Ethan (Greg Larsen) dominated the conversation on Twitter.

Fans of BBC One’s newest thriller for 2022 immediately took a strong dislike to Helen’s demeaning fiancé Ethan in episode two.

In the second chapter of the gripping outback thriller, Jamie’s central character went in search of a man who had been buried alive.

Partnering up with waitress Luci, they eventually tracked him down thousands of kilometres away thanks to the help of a reluctant helicopter pilot.

Unfortunately, their search proved fruitless as the captive stranger had died before they managed to reach him in time.

Meanwhile, officer Helen goes looking for answers from a strange man named Mr Nixon (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) who has been trying to track down the amnesiac car-crash victim.

After taking initiative to pursue the strange case herself, Ethan raged at his future wife when she missed news of his promotion by returning home late.

He had already proven himself to be a controlling partner when he discovered the remnants of a fast food meal in their car and undermined her policing abilities while she worked during her time off.

Viewers are now predicting Helen’s bully of a boyfriend could find himself caught up in the unfolding mystery when the series continues.

Several comments were made on Twitter throughout the episode which called for a nasty yet not totally undeserved fate to befall Ethan in the coming instalments.

Even before the credits rolled, Jon Lamacraft said: “If Ethan could die by the end of tonight’s episode, that would be amazing.”

And Chan pleaded: “Oh her boyfriend really needs to die!!!”

BBC viewers were already starting to think ahead, and suspicions were raised when Nixon took a photo of Helen’s ID during their conversation.

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Once she had gone, he then called up an unknown associate looking for more information on the beat cop.

Whatever his game, viewers are certain he’s got something to do with the accident at the start of the first episode and the buried man.

If Nixon decides Helen has been sticking her nose in too much, he could take action and unwillingly get Ethan caught in the crossfire.

Twitter user demelcy predicted: “Hopefully cowboy hat accidentally kills the fiancé.”

And Russell suggested: “Hopefully the trucker decides to exact revenge on the cop by bumping off her partner.”

Episode two left off with both Helen and Ethan away from home, but the first to arrive back could have a nasty surprise waiting for them in episode three.

The Tourist will be continuing next weekend, but viewers who can’t wait to find out what happens next can already stream the remaining four episodes online.

The Tourist continues Sunday, January 9 on BBC One, or stream all episodes on BBC iPlayer.

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