'The Harder They Fall' Trailer: Jonathan Majors Seeks Revenge on Idris Elba (Video)

Netflix Western is directed by Jeymes Samuel and debuts this fall

Brian Welk

In the first trailer for “The Harder They Fall,” there’s a stylish sequence in which King has just broken Elba out of his captivity on a moving train. He’s got so much swagger, though, that he’s able to casually stroll through the train cars as a violent firefight breaks out all around him.

“You do know how to make a grand entrance,” Stanfield, who plays one of Elba’s gang members, says in the clip.

Samuel wrote the screenplay for “The Harder They Fall” with Boaz Yakin, and he also produced the film with Shawn Carter, James Lassiter and Lawrence Bender. Samuel has packed the film with a red-hot soundtrack that’s more 1976 than 1876, and the trailer promises a lot of stylized action, humor, blood and romance.

Netflix hasn’t set a release date for “The Harder They Fall,” but the movie will open this fall on the streamer and in select theaters.

Check out the first trailer above or go here.

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